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Comment Re:Programmed behaviour is programmed behaviour. (Score 1) 293

The long pole in the tent isn't developing an AI capable of driving. It's developing an AI that can deal with assholes.

And Google still doesn't have the short pole built yet. (Really, their maps aren't even perfect yet, which is kind of a pre-requisite).

Comment Re:Ideology not reality ... (Score 2) 95

And until economics is based on anything other than sketchy math and ideology, it can never be a real science or have much more meaning than something people use to defend their ideology. But since people never look at economics separated from their ideology, it will never happen.

It seems like you get most of your economics knowledge from MSNBC or The Daily Show.

Back in the real world, economic concepts like MV = PQ is one of the most empirically tested ideas around.

Comment Re:Ideology not reality ... (Score 1) 95

Nobody has ever had any proof for "trickle down economics"

Just an FYI, no economist has ever supported the idea of "trickle down economics." The concept was created by a comedian (Will Rogers, great guy), and is mainly used the same way Republicans use the word "socialist:" as an insult against people they don't like. And frankly, that's how you're using the term, too.

Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 1) 257

On their home page, it says very clearly " 100% Like-minded People." Since AM hired people to talk to men and lead them on, this is definitely not true lol. TBH I think there is a strong case against AM here. I am interested in seeing how a court would rule on the bot issue, though.

Comment Re:Yay for OSX (Score 1) 62

with pretty much zero gnashing of teeth, either by the Apple Development Community, nor Users.

That's because pretty near no one used it except Apple themselves.

Why Linux didn't simply adopt it instead of rolling their own inferior knockoff, is beyond me.

I don't know either.

Comment Re:Turing Test (Score 1) 257

Same reason the advertising industry relies heavily on attractive females: it overrides some higher function of the male brain.

"Same reason the advertising industry relies heavily on attractive females: it overrides all higher functions of the male brain in the vast majority of cases."


Comment Trying to meet someone, how? (Score 1) 257

...because in my experience 80-90% of the women on the paid site were working, self-sufficient adults...

So... that's like, what, eight or nine women?

Or are you counting law enforcement trolls, male impostors, and corporate shills, too? That'd probably get you up to 40% or so of these site's supposedly "female" accounts, the rest being bots pretending to be women, which don't count as "working, self-sufficient adults."

I'm truly glad you met someone you found worthwhile, but in the vast majority of situations, these sites are not good hunting grounds for an actual reasonable partner.

The old standbys are still by far the best, assuming one can pull their head out of their phone or laptop or ipad long enough to actually look around them and actually speak to people. Laundromats, grocery stores, libraries, classes of various types, museums, music stores (what few are left.) You know, places where reasonable, normal people tend to go and can be engaged in the creaky old technique of face-to-face, physically-present conversation. Where you can smell each other, sense each others body language, see how the other person moves, how they do at/with eye contact, make physical contact, engage in courting and other courteous behaviors...

I truly think the current crop of young people have gone and shot themselves in the foot with their overwhelmingly present "everything is online all the time" mentality. Not that you can't find someone online, of course you can, but the real world is still a much better place to try. If, of course, you have at least basic social skills and at least a few desirable characteristics. If not, then things haven't changed one whit -- you're screwed, and not in the "OMG I scored" way. Online won't help such a situation either.

Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 1) 257

How many people do you think read all of the T&Cs? How many people do you know who have read the Facebook T&Cs, for example (I know two, but I don't know anyone who has both read them and agreed to them)?

I read them and didn't agree with them, hence have zero facebook presence. Does that count? :)

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