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Comment: Re:That's recklessly endangering America! (Score 1) 116

by fyngyrz (#49761711) Attached to: NSA-Reform Bill Fails In US Senate

You are crazy. Here is an example of the democratic process working, yet you desperately have to search for some conspiracy theory to continue your irrational hatred of the USA.

No. It's an example of a republic not working. What history books tend to call "decline and fall" when it's happened in the past. It is what happens when governments completely lose sight of, and concern with, and respect for, the principles that brought them into being.

This is real life, not a Tom Clancy novel.

Oh, we know. In Clancy's works the US TLAs are the good guys. That's not been the case for decades now.

Comment: Re:32MB? (Score 1) 107

by phantomfive (#49760427) Attached to: Google Developing 'Brillo' OS For Internet of Things

I've been putting sensors into everything since the 1980's and AFAIK, was one of, if not the first person to put a coffee machine on the internet (sorry MIT guys) and I have no idea what the internet of things is.

Just like the cloud, everything that becomes a buzzword is merely a repackaging of something that already existed, palatable for ignorant consumption (usually by investors).

Comment: Re:Yes to Brexit (Score 1) 291

A few years ago, Greece nearly went bankrupt, and Europe was worried because so many banks had Greek treasury bonds. So they gave Greece some money, and the banks divested themselves of the the Greek treasury bonds.

Now if Greece goes bankrupt it's no big deal because none of the other European banks have enough bonds to matter. Whether Greece stays in the Euro or prints their own currency matters little, it will end badly for them. And the rest of Europe will move on as if little had happened.

Comment: Re:My email to press@starbucks.com (Score 1) 83

by phantomfive (#49760125) Attached to: Hacker Warns Starbucks of Security Flaw, Gets Accused of Fraud
The skill of working in large corporations is learning how to navigate the bureaucracy and get things done. That is the puzzle, it is a skill like any other, with it's own techniques.

If you read Dilbert, then you will find Wally is a master at this skill. Of course, he uses his abilities as a way to be lazy, it needn't always used for nefarious purposes.

Comment: Re:Republican Hypocrits (Score 1) 81

The republicans should be fighting against the TPP at every opportunity

Wait, why? I thought Republicans generally favored trade. Why wouldn't they like this?

The one I don't understand is Obama. He hasn't really explained why he thinks this is a good thing, just that we should trust him.

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