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Comment: Re:Change is a myth. Voter always effed (Score 0) 836

by TheTrollToll (#34103558) Attached to: 'Cellphone Effect' Could Skew Polling Predictions
Of course everyone is imperfect, but as it is its much worse than it should be. When companies can act like citizens money starts flowing uninhibited, and REAL citizens are largely ignored. How can you say one mainstream candidate is better than another and more worthy of a vote? It can be improved and it needs to be improved. There just hasn't been a large enough outcry to fix the electoral system. I don't know what it will take but right now its looking rather hopeless. Especially since guys who want to keep their power are making the laws. I will only vote for a third party candidates and on things that i can control like property tax levys.

Comment: Re:Change is a myth. Voter always effed (Score 0) 836

by TheTrollToll (#34103310) Attached to: 'Cellphone Effect' Could Skew Polling Predictions
Actually js3 is right on. You're just living in a dream land where you can vote for who you ideally want. How do you think candidates come about? Why do you hear about this candidate but not those others that are on the ballot list? Did the most popular ones just pop up and say: "i want whats best for the country/state/county" and are automatically given the nomination?? No they are vetted through their particular party and during this process much of what they might or might not have stood for is stripped away. Now they come into office and have people to pay back, companies to pay back etc... Its politics as usual and its on both sides of the aisle.

Comment: Re:What will REALLY be big news... (Score 0) 233

by TheTrollToll (#30432860) Attached to: "Nexus One" Is Google's Android Phone
"I think this would be ideal: make carriers compete on network quality alone, and make handset makers compete cross-carrier on handset quality alone." I think we can all agree that is the ideal, but just how is anything that Google doing going to change that? If everyone starts paying full price up front, there's still no motivation for phone companies to bring down the (much inflated) price of their "service". If google offered a good cellphone service (and sold phones up-front) they might be able to change the status-quo. If they don't have a network they don't have a bargaining chip and the American public has no motivation because they'll be paying extra for the phone and for the service. Unlocking a phone is nice for those crazy phonophiles but for average Joe bag-a-donuts it doesn't warrant the up-front cost without extra incentive (such as lower cost plans)

Comment: Re:Klingon Christmas Carol (Score 0) 316

by TheTrollToll (#30389952) Attached to: The Star Wars Christmas Special Still Exists
the mixed blood theater is in the business of atrocities... i went there once to see "don Quixote de la minne" basically its don Quixote with a bunch of Minnesota references... and crazy ladies in white robes running around nonsensically. we were forced to see it in a college art appreciation class afterward my teacher apologized for how awful it was.

Comment: Re:The simple solution.... (Score 0) 762

by TheTrollToll (#30135834) Attached to: Calling B.S. On Amazon's Taxation Arguments
Oregon is definitely not on the list of best places to bring or start a company despite their lack of sales tax. Unless you are a "green company" then they'll just hand you 40 million dollars to start a manufacturing facility because that's how they work.

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