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by TheSunborn (#48102327) Attached to: Google Takes the Fight With Oracle To the Supreme Court

Nobody ever said that Microsoft could not ship their own version of the JRE, and Microsoft newer made their own JRE.

Microsoft distributed a modified version of suns jre, based on source code licensed from Sun. And it was sourcecode licerse, which gave Microsoft problems. If they had just made their own jre, anything would have been fine(Except for the fact that they might not have called it Java(tm)

Comment: Re:Stay out of our business then..... (Score 1) 993

Sorry, but that is just wrong. He wrote a better(Or worse, depending on who you ask. I would say better) init system, but the decision to use it and thus to wrack your* init system was taken by the different Linux distributions.

*And no it's not your init system. Using something does not make it yours. It would only be yours if you had your own distribution, and in that case you could continue to use what ever backward init system you wanted.

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by TheSunborn (#47263043) Attached to: Unisys Phasing Out Decades-Old Mainframe Processor For x86

When Eclipse is crashing with a segmentation fault, it is almost always in swt. So the problem is with the native code which swt calls in order to interface with the underlying operation system.

That can only be solved by writing the entire Operation system in a safe language, but nobody is working on that.

I have newer seen Eclipse segfault outsite swt code.

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by TheSunborn (#47153879) Attached to: Apple Announces New Programming Language Called Swift

Don't this code have the problem that you call some_work from the gui thread, and thus will block all updates of the graphics userinterface while some_work is running?

That problem can be solved, but it is always things such as long running tasks, and async callbacks which causes problems. Especially if you need to populate the gui with the work from some_work, while some_work is still doing its work.

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by TheSunborn (#47130309) Attached to: Amazon Wants To Run Your High-Performance Databases

Yes I can buy it, but then you need to include hardware installation price and hosting price.

And if the Amazon computer hosting my vm dies, the system will just boot up on a new computer and restart the vm, without me even knowing it. With the dell I would have next day business service aka far to much down time.

The reason the company I work for uses vms(Not from amazon however) is that if there are hardware problems we just reboot, and if there are to many problems with our host, all we have to do is a dns change, a scp, and a database copy(Or restore from backup) and then we can be online in a new data center.

I would however be cautious with a big database server at amazon, because I don't think their io performance is that good, and than is the thing a huge database server really need.

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