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Comment Re:This is why they made the cloud (Score -1) 245

You don't buy expensive, power-hungry [hard]ware that's going to cost an arm and a leg to store, power, and cool for the next year when you only need its brute force for a few hours.

But he is planning to do conversions over and over, one after another, handling problems as they occur. As such, one of his goals is that the conversion be as speedy as possible, and he specifically said that he doesn't want to share a CPU with other cloud users. He wants one fast CPU devoted 100% to his project.

Makes sense to me.


Cloud servers with no virtualization and 100% of the CPU? That's what OnMetal is for, motherfuckers!

Comment Re:*Yawn* I'll Wait for the Mint Edition (Score 0) 179

Yes, it's in one monolithic file.

Try making a minor typo in the syntax, then restart networking. You will lose all network connectivity on ALL interfaces.

Fix your typo and try to start networking again. It won't work until you reboot.

Or you can try adding your config to one of the seemingly infinite network config subdirectories (ifup.d, post-ifup.d, etc). Make the same typo anywhere in the subdirectories and you'll still mess up all networking and have to reboot.

I guess this is acceptable if you haven't used any OS besides Windows 98. For the rest of us it's maddening.

Comment Re:*Yawn* I'll Wait for the Mint Edition (Score -1) 179

Shuttleworth has done nothing but help the open source community in every way imaginable.

You really consider a distro that can't change basic network configuration without a reboot to be 'helping'? Worse yet, some insane people are even using it as a server OS.

Submission Nanoscientists find long-sought Majorana particle-> 5

boner writes: In a follow-up of an earlier Slashdot story (, scientists at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, today published their findings that they have indeed found the Majorana particle.

The announcement on the university website provides both a summary and background of this groundbreaking discovery. The page is available in both dutch and english :

Link to Original Source

Comment Re:Napping (Score -1) 277

I think this is what you meant to type:

"Call it a self discovery, but I found fapping after I get home from work for two hours is life changing. It clear sthe mind from stress and when you finish, you feel like the work day happened just 12 hours ago. Feeling mentally and physically detached from the office has been extremely beneficial to me. But then again, I suppose it's because I do work about 50 to 55 hours a week."

Comment Decent evaluation of Bank security (Score 4, Interesting) 40

Having used both name/password, electronic tokens etc. to access my financial data, I would like to see an objective analysis of their security. I personally prefer the electronic tokens used by several Dutch banks (ING, Rabobank, ABN AMRO), above the name/password features used by American banks (BofA, Wells Fargo, Chase, JP Morgan, Credit unions, etc.). But the main question is: how do they perform in real-life? Which schemes lose more money to scamming or phishing?

Evaluating the performance of my parents (70+) with modern authentication schemes, does not bode well. My parents are generally unable to distinguish phishing mail from real mail - how should banks balance the convenience of email against the requirements for safety?

Can anyone point to objective evaluations of bank security and authentication schemes?

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