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Comment: Re:Will it work nicely with Thunderbird? (Score 1) 274

by TheSkyIsPurple (#27594665) Attached to: First Look at Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Beta
> The question I ask is, "Will Thunderbird 4 or SeaMonkey 3 support Exchange's default MAPI protocol?" No they won't... and they really don't need to. Use Web Services (EWS), like the new Beta Entourage client is doing, and like the new window clients are using (for OCS, etc)

Comment: Re:Check brain at the door? (Score 1) 414

by TheSkyIsPurple (#27244479) Attached to: Internet-Caused Mistrials Are On the Rise

> You, like many slashdotters (at times myself included), need to check your ego at the door

But that's part of the system. If someone makes an statement that conflicts with what you know... you take that into account. That's part of why there are 12 of you.

From an example given by a judge to us when I was in Jury duty: "If pencil is on a desk, a person's arm is next to it and nobody else is in the room... you look away look back and the pencil is now on the floor, it's reasonable to assume they caused the pencil to end up on the floor." (or something like that). You don't need truth in a formal logical sense... it's about practicality, and you experience factors into that. Maybe you notice the pencil is round and the table is tilted, so you see a flaw in the presented argument... that observation is not off limits.

>it's time to get off your high horse and play the role the justice system is designed to have you play.

And that is your role. The attorney's will decide during selection whether they think you're experience is too relevant to let you judge properly, etc. That's part of the system.

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