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by PopeRatzo (#47770627) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do About Repeated Internet Overbilling?

Just over a month ago, Steam has a sale on some very big games, like Wolfenstein: New Order and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. (maybe it's all the colons that take up the space.

It doesn't take too many games at over 20gig each, along with Netflix for the wife and streaming music before you're knocking on 150gig.

Why in the world the Wolfenstein game came out to over 40 gig I'll never know, but sure enough, for the first time I got the email from AT&T that I was at 90% of my limit. Fortunately, it was two days before the billing cycle rolled over, so I didn't have to pay.

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by PopeRatzo (#47770597) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do About Repeated Internet Overbilling?

I quite likely have, but I am not so crass as to go around asking random strangers in the gym what their orientation is.

This is why I love Slashdot. I discussion of internet overcharging and ATM encapsulation quickly pivots to the etiquette of showering with gay men at the gym.

Honestly, I love each and every one of you. In a purely platonic way, of course, though given enough vodka and grapefruit juice, who knows?.

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by Zamphatta (#47760179) Attached to: How the Ancient Egyptians (Should Have) Built the Pyramids

Rolling the stones as huge cylinders would've been cool but they used water to wet the sand, which reduced friction. There's even some hieroglyphs that show it being done. Was big news back in the spring. See:

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The problem with solar is that it requires an upfront investment that pays back over a long term but does not significantly increase the value of your home.

It may surprise you, but some people buy homes to live in them. Not to flip in 3 years for a profit.

And I don't believe there's enough data in various markets to know whether or not solar panels would increase the value of a house more than their installation price (which is coming down, by the way).

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Sure they do. Corporatist Democrats play for the same team of rich elitists than Corporatist Republicans. Why do you think that no matter what else happens to the economy, the bankers always get their dough? No matter what happens to the economy, Wall Street gets taken care of first.

And no banker ever goes to jail.

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by PopeRatzo (#47759515) Attached to: Hackers Claim PlayStation Network Take-Down

Will you pay more?

Pay more for what? Dedicated servers? They had that figured out more than 10 years ago. How much more do you think it would cost to add dedicated servers to a game today? And yes, if people would pay $19.99 for some DLC that gives your character new hats, I'm pretty sure they'd pay for dedicated servers.

The reason they are not included is because Sony is so scared that there might be some kid in Slovenia playing a pirated version of their game. Not that the kid would actually ever pay for a Sony game, but they are outraged that there is a nickel in some kid's pocket that doesn't belong to them.

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by PopeRatzo (#47756119) Attached to: The Evolution of Diet

But yes, I'm sure that a legal attribute totally affects the digestibility.

For me, it does. Monsanto owning a license on a basic foodstuff makes me sick.

The idea of any corporation owning a license on the idea of a basic foodstuff makes me sick. That's something I just cannot digest.

And I can't imagine how improving food production will prevent hunger,

You don't know the story of "Golden Rice", do you?

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Nonsense. Who even cares what party the Kochs are? Are they GOP or Tea Party or libertarians or who even knows how they vote. They're just corporatists, like Soros and Bloomberg.

They may not all be the same, but they all play for the same team.

manipulate the markets

You're full of shit. You think people who support Net Neutrality are the ones wanting to "manipulate the markets"?

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by PopeRatzo (#47756053) Attached to: The Evolution of Diet

The reality is italian bread and cold beer will tend to make you fat, if you don't carefully control quantities.

My point is that if you're restricting your diet to a very narrow selection of foods, you are almost certainly also controlling quantities without thinking about it.

It's not so much about what you eat, it's about eating thoughtfully. Be aware of what you're taking in. Know that drinking a 64oz Big Gulp is taking in a LOT of food. I'm sure there are people who sock away the soda pop who might say, "I didn't eat anything all day".

Whatever, something is making people hugely fat. Outrageously, amazingly, shockingly fat. Circus freak fat. Industrial accident fat. I mean, comic book supervillain fat. And it's not because they ate too much brown rice and vegetables, or even Italian bread and mozzarella.

I believe the food and chemical industries have been experimenting on humans for years without our consent. You never saw people this fat when you were little. Well, I don't know how old you are, but not when I was little. I mean, there were fat people, but they looked like, I don't know, Jackie Gleason, not fucking Jabba the Hutt in stretch pants. And not just one or two. If you move around the city during the day, you will see thousands of people who are not just a little plump, but enormously, freakishly fat. When I was little maybe I'd see one of those every year.

So, what's changed? I'm not sure people are eating that much more food. You know who else gets freakishly large in the past 20 years? Livestock. And you know what they eat? GMO corn. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

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Not true. The taxes on gasoline and other fossil fuels far exceed the tax breaks for oil exploration.

Not if you start to examine the externalities of the fossil fuel industry.

Like the wars in the Middle East and the environmental cleanups. The money BP put into the Gulf repair wasn't but a small fraction of the costs. The rest have to be picked up by government. You and me.

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The "coal subsidies" only affect the profit of a few politically connected democrats

Man, you're behind the times. I'm not talking about those subsidies. I'm talking about the externalities, like the health care costs for the people who get sick from coal, or the environmental costs of coal or the way coal destroys communities.

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