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Comment: Meh. (Score 1) 277

Near as I can tell, this is equivalent to a system which stores the hashes in an encrypted form, except the encryption relies on the passwords of other users rather than an administrator's password. This may IMO make this system less secure, depending on how public the interface is; an attacker could sign up with multiple accounts on the system before grabbing a copy of the encrypted hashes. They would then have a set of passwords which could be used to validate additional ones.

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by TheSHAD0W (#45760517) Attached to: Throwable 36-Camera Ball Nearly Ready To Toss

I have a friend who will want one; she uses them for 3D rendering. Conventional panorama capture can have problems, like object and cloud movement, while the photos are being taken; this eliminates the issue.

I'd love to order one, but I have serious trust issues with Paypal and am not going to sign up just to join the campaign. I'll have to wait until it goes retail. Here's hopes the campaign succeeds!

Comment: not a scam (Score 1) 179

by TheSHAD0W (#45321399) Attached to: Amazon Botches Sales Tax, Overcharges NJ

It's unlikely Amazon would be scamming using this method; the fines involved would be horrendous. It would only take one person noticing to trigger an investigation and audit by the state.

From most of the responders to this thread, this is unlikely to also be a mistake. But even if it were, Amazon wouldn't be keeping the money, but would be handing it over to the NJ tax authorities. (That would also probably result in a fine, but not a catastrophic one.)

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by TheSHAD0W (#44080665) Attached to: The Men Trying To Save Us From the Machines

Even if it's bound by the laws of physics as we understand them (Stross-universe-like "P=NP"-powered reality modification aside) there are plenty of dangers out there we're well aware of which computing technology could ape. Nanoassemblers might not be able to eat the planet, but what if they infested humans like a disease? We're already having horrible problems with malware clogging up people's machines, and they're coded by humans; what if an artificial intelligence was put in control of a botnet, updating and improving the exploiters faster than anyone could take them apart?

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