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by TheRealMindChild (#47691295) Attached to: Are Altcoins Undermining Bitcoin's Credibility?
Well, you COULD create an altcoin where instead of 10 minutes to the new block, you have it down to 10 seconds. But then submitted stale shares are substantial, no one wants to mine, and the network doesn't have the computational support it needs. Every altcoin is based on bitcoin, with parameters/hash method just changed. All of it have advantages and drawbacks depending on how far from one side to the other you tweak those values. Overcoming these will need a totally new idea

Comment: Re:P vs. NP (Score 1) 161

This can't be a huge issue. I'm sure these folks aren't oblivious to its nature. The complexity of the query goes up to a known maximum. When parsing, have a limit for the most work that can be done/you are willing to compute and if the query will exceed that, you do the ol' DrSbaitso "Could you please be more specific?"

Comment: Good luck (Score 3, Interesting) 170

I had the same happen with Codewarrior for Sharp Zaurus. Metrowerks was sold and Freescale erased all traces of it. Can't be found anywhere, legit or warez. I even contacted Freescale and they said they looked everywhere they could, but they said it was nowhere. Gone forever

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