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Comment It's completely acceptable! (Score -1) 316

If it weren't, we wouldn't hire the exact same senators and congressmen all the time. What is it, 3% who EVER change hands during an election?

And you know the folks there NOW aren't doing it for the country- the "Louisiana purchase", the Ben Nelson bribe and the attempt to shut down Offut Field (home of the Strategic Air Command) to get them to comply should indicate the kind of things they're _hiding_ when they do these things for all to see.

William Jefferson, D-Louisana, interrupted the National Guard to take a boat to his home, where he rescued $90,000 cash, and went on the vote for several more years. When he couldn't get elected, he was finally tried. He's appealing, the last I heard- still hasn't been in jail.

Trent Lott, however, R-(Florida?) once told a 90+yo man that "things would have been better if he won those elections back in the 50's and 60's" and he was told to leave office. I'm not kidding. Being nice to an old man, versus rescuing dirty money, and look what gets you kicked out.

We should demand more. Why don't we?

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