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Comment Is it already shot? (Score 1) 309 309

When asked about the status of the show, Lucas said that the footage “sits on the shelf.”

Does this mean that the the show has already been recorded? He's just waiting until special effects are cheap enough to add them in? Or is the footage "figuratively" sitting on the shelf?

Comment SE Stole My Play Time (Score 4, Interesting) 215 215

I already stopped my subscription to FFXIV. Even though I still had two weeks left before 30 day trial would've been over, they already disabled my logon. To me, this seems inexcusably bad. I paid for the game, which includes 30 days and they haven't given that to me. There's no way I'll be coming back.

Comment Incorrect article summary (Score 1) 612 612

The summary is incorrect. Windows 7 will be executable backwards compatible. Though the author of this article claims early on in the article that win7 won't be executable backwards compatible, he contradicts himself at the end where he states
"Microsoft will break from the Windows' norm by breaking previous API compatibility, offering new API frameworks as a native solution, and providing support for legacy frameworks (COM, ATL, .NET Framework, etc) through monolithic libraries designed to provide the functionality of all previous revisions of the modules in question."
In other words, older executables will still work, but they will just run more slowly than natively compiled apps.

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