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Comment: Re:US Epic fail (Score 1) 266

by ThePeices (#43957555) Attached to: Decommissioning San Onofre Nuclear Plant May Take Decades

I thought you were joking about the Flat Earth membership increase, so I did some research and discovered it to be shockingly true.

Then I read the Flat Earth FAQ on their website....

I now exist in a dual state of utter horrified disbelief that people can be so gullible and stupid, and total despair at the state of Humanity

You are right, were morons. We deserve whatever we reap from our stupidity. The world would be a better place without us.

I used to have such high hopes for the future of Humans, now I have a total lack of faith in Humanity.

Comment: Re:first (Score 1) 334

by ThePeices (#43955025) Attached to: Linus Torvalds Promises Profanity Over Linux 3.10-rc5

I'm still running Debian on 64 MB of RAM. With Xwindows and icewm. I can even browse the interwebs for a while with firefox until I hit a page with javascript requirements that beat the OS requirements. Sadly that is becoming the norm (I'm looking at you gmail)

Yes, because 64MB of RAM should be enough for anybody, amiright?

Just because you can, doesnt mean you should. In the age of large and cheap computing resources, saving every last byte and cycle is less of a concern than it used to be.

Comment: Article is Flamebait (Score 3, Insightful) 317

by ThePeices (#43920193) Attached to: Israeli Army Retweeting 1967 War As It Happened

Why post this article on Slashdot? Its obvious flamebait, bringing out all the hatred, hand-wringing and dubious justifications from all sides of this conflict.

Nothing good is going to come from all the comments in here, ive already seem my fair share of sheer hatred in the comments so far.

Why post this Slashdot? Because its on Twitter?

Comment: Re:Second Click.... (Score 1) 398

by ThePeices (#43918517) Attached to: Keyless Remote Entry For Cars May Have Been Cracked

I know with my Nissan, and I believe that all cars are the same, you need to press on the unlock button twice to unlock the passenger doors..

Not all cars. In my car ( 2006 model), pressing the unlock button unlocks all doors ( except the boot, which has its own unlock button on the keyfob )

Comment: Re:Just a thought. (Score 5, Funny) 398

by ThePeices (#43918427) Attached to: Keyless Remote Entry For Cars May Have Been Cracked

Add to the fact that most in-vehicle theft is performed with a broken window

Isnt that kinda dangerous for the burglar? Walking around with a broken window to be used to break into a car is unwieldy, and they can easily cut themselves on the glass of the broken window they are carrying.

Not to mention it would look pretty suspicious walking down the street with a broken window.

Comment: Re:But not to give them a chance to correct it fir (Score 1, Insightful) 404

wow, why so angry?
I see you have resorted to ad-hominem attacks and childish name calling.

Did he rape your mother?
Did he douse your dog in petrol, set it on fire and burn it to death?
Did he kidnap your sister and dissolve her, alive and screaming, in concentrated acid?

So again I ask, why so angry?

Comment: Re:How can you DDoS an MMO? (Score 2) 127

by ThePeices (#43892155) Attached to: DoS Attack Forces EVE Online Offline

Why do the gaming servers respond to requests from non-players?

Ahhh, this question is unanswerable as it is one of the few true mysteries of the universe, like magnets ( wtf, how do they work!), velcro, and the location of the proverbial "other sock".

Why do gaming servers respond to requests from non-players? Well dude, the answer might as well be 42, nobody knows.

Comment: Re:EVE Offline (Score 1, Funny) 127

by ThePeices (#43892139) Attached to: DoS Attack Forces EVE Online Offline

EVE Offline. That is all.

Hey, I see what you did there! Ive spent the last 6 minutes rolling on the floor laughing my ass off, and only now have the breath left to sit down and write this, such is the sheer power of your mastery of wit.

You put comedians the world over to shame, your stand above us mere mortals, and we all bow to thee; God of Comedy.

Comment: Re:Yes, let's bring that back (Score 4, Insightful) 259

by ThePeices (#43836389) Attached to: Vastly Improved Raspberry Pi Performance With Wayland

The time when everything needed to be specifically ported to a machine to make it perform bearably or at all. How I missed having stuff not work without that extra length to go to.

On embedded hardware, that time never ended... And the rPi isn't really fast enough that you can just run in all software, or even with just the relatively feeble OpenGL hardware, and pretend.

Not to mention the Pi is only $35 and uses a few watts of power, you cant expect current laptop class performance for that price.

The OP ignores the fact that incorporating this tech into the major Pi distros and projects is only work for the developers of said projects, not end users.
End users just wait for the next software update, and then they get vastly improved graphics performance.

I fail to see what on earth is wrong with a major advance in performance to a specific piece of hardware.
I just smell the acrid stench of cynicism wafting from the general direction of the OP.

Comment: Hate because Its not iGlass (Score 1, Troll) 775

by ThePeices (#43834733) Attached to: Google Glass: What's With All the Hate?

All the hate is because it is not made by Apple.

If it was iGlass, the love-in would be tremendous. Of course, if Apple made it, there would be no customer input, no previews, no leaks and no idea the product even existed until after the "one more thing..." moment arrived.

But after that, the store lines would already be forming.

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