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Comment: Re:So confused (Score 1) 150

My thermostat is mostly on a basic automatic cycle to be cool at night and comfy during the day. We don't find it to be a big deal to set it to manual or off when we are gone for a while. We chose to live in a moderate climate where further optimization would net us less than our rounding error every month (heating and cooling are 2% of our gross income).

Fook Me gently - TWO PERCENT!!!

Is your name Ecclestone perchance?

Your idea of a rounding error is obscene.

Comment: Re:This is a distraction from the real issue. (Score 1) 225

by TheOldestGit (#42332295) Attached to: TSA (Finally) Studying Health Effects of Body Scanners
<quote><p>I can't speak for everyone, but personally I value my lack of cancer more than I do my privacy.</p></quote>

Well I'm not really concerned as I'll *never* even stop in the USA however...

When the scanner operatives start a Class Action for elevated diseases (cancers/whatever - doesn't really matter) then the fan will start whirling at a good rate :-/

Comment: I just had a look at the Apple site... (Score 2) 189

by TheOldestGit (#41926185) Attached to: Apple Stops Hiding Samsung Apology On Its UK Site
Apart from hiding the alleged apology/withdrawal it's worse than I'd possibly imagined - they're dressing the retraction (or whatever you want to call it) as a *Samsung* comment!!!

"On 25 October 2012, Apple Inc. published a statement on its UK website in relation to Samsung's Galaxy tablet computers. That statement was inaccurate and did not comply with the order of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales. The correct statement is at Samsung/Apple UK judgement."

Note the last sentence - trying to address this as though Samsung 'misspoke'* - Methinks that Shakespeare had it correct in so many ways.

Their lawyers & designers need some corrective detention IMHO - the directors need a lot of the same + a big enough fine to seriously damage said people + a big enough fine to damage their profits for the past year. Stop trying to play games Apple.

*what a horrible & stupid Americanism

Comment: Re:Canadians got screwed (Score 1) 262

by TheOldestGit (#40758209) Attached to: 16GB Nexus 7 Sold Out On Google Play Store
Well I'm sorry to hear your side of things...

I pre-ordered expecting delivery on 19th July but got a surprise when it was charged to my card on the 12th (@ 20:40) - delivered 09:35 on 13th, it arrived a week early ;-) ( if you're interested, good service & no I don't work for them)

Royal Mail is really good IMO for that stuff you want, who needs a corporation to provide guaranteed delivery within 12 hours </chortle>

Best thing I've bought in a long long time.

Just buy one.

Comment: Re:Where's my Nexus 7? (Score 1) 146

by TheOldestGit (#40633469) Attached to: Google Nexus 7 Parts Cost $18 More Than Kindle Fire
Well just to counter your point, I'm in the sunny Isle of Man (a small rock between England & Ireland - Google Maps is good I believe ;-)

Pre-ordered on 11th July for expected shipping on 19th July, however I received a couple of emails earlier advising 'payment processed' @ 16:20 followed by 'order shipped' so it should arrive in the morning - almost a week before due.

I'll be happy with the new toy certainly...

+ - Where has NYCountyLawyer gone? 1

Submitted by TheOldestGit
TheOldestGit writes: That is all. There used to be a huge amount of input from him(I'm assuming based on posts) but nothing for quite some time which seems odd given the recent stories...discuss!

Comment: Re:Can't price match the tablet (Score 1) 368

by TheOldestGit (#37163612) Attached to: HP TouchPad To Be Liquidated At Fire Sale Prices
Try this price! And I thought that prices this side of the pond used to work $1 == &pound;1. Seems that the finances arr a bit more fooked than usual :-(

HP TouchPad 9.7" Tablet with WebOS, 16GB, and WiFi

Model: FB405UA#ABB

HP TouchPad works, plays, juggles, grooves, and syncs with every part of your life. It's designed to work like you do, with true...

More details

3 year cover Protect Portable for &pound;189.99

Home delivery

Reserve & collect

Check in-store availability


Compare - I've no idea where this link would go ;-)

Comment: Re:Not really closed? (Score 1) 268

by TheOldestGit (#36688760) Attached to: Voicemail Hack Scandal Leads To Closure of UK Tabloid
It's just another way to attempt getting the purchase of the rest of BSB through without lots of delays & investigations.

The man is a cunt of the first order, and has trained his son well in the dark arts.

Between Junior & Senior they're throwing a lot of people overboard so the grand project of total control of news (printed & broadcast) is in their money grubbing hands.

NewsCorp has also just registered TheSunOnSunday - is that a bit of a giveaway that News of The World will come back under a new title (The Sun has never had a Sunday edition...)

I can only hope that the current boycott by advertisers & readers (I use that term loosely) carries on with the rest of that Twats publications, rather than a token one week protest.

Personally I stopped buying the Sunday Times many years ago when That Twat took over.

Comparing information and knowledge is like asking whether the fatness of a pig is more or less green than the designated hitter rule." -- David Guaspari