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Comment Before you go off the deep end.. (Score 5, Insightful) 100

In America, anti-competitive practices between corporations are illegal. It doesn't matter if they are bidding on the same job and agree to "not compete on this one", bidding on the same employees, or simply saying "don't contact my {insert [vendor / employee / distribution] channels} and I won't contact yours."

Yes, corps can do it and get away with it every day! But if caught they might land themselves a nice fine (see above), or even worse, some time in jail. The corps have quashed the second option for just about any crime they commit, so you are stuck with the first option.

One has got to imagine though, between these practices, H1Bs, 80 hour work weeks, and other wage-lowering standards in the tech field, how many Billions these corps have saved, reinvested, and reaped as untold wealth, while only having their feet held to the fire for about 100m each in this case. They are sure to invent some fascinating practices to hold wages down further in the coming years.

Enjoy your hot soup. cause that's all they serve. on the soup line.

Comment Using the potty. (Score -1, Troll) 155

After he went poo-poo in the potty, how did he ensure his bummy-bum was clean if he was unable so see the toilet paper? Did he use a bidet in the dark? Were the ravioli poo-poos gross and, what we call, "two-flushers" in our house? How would he know when the potty has enough toilet paper in it?

Seriously, if you're going to do science, you have to include the poo!

Comment Phew! (Score 5, Funny) 132

I looked at Google last night and fell off my chair when I saw a differnet, yet oddly familiar, logo. Many dozens of other news outfits were reporting on it, but I waited until I saw the story on Slashdot to confirm it.

Slashdot is to logo confirmation as Netcraft is to BSD's death confirmation.

Comment Good job Wikipedia! (Score 5, Funny) 144

I was sitting here drinking a refreshing Coca Cola when I started reading this story on my Apple iPhone 6 Plus. The level of paid shills that infested Wikipedia were getting bothersome. It was at the point that I started using my Encyclopædia Britannica (2015 edition).

Sorry if I don't get to your replies sooner, I'm taking the Prius to Chipotle for a GMO-free lunch.

Comment Re:No Apple (Score 1) 98

Err...nope. They are using m4a and standard h.264 (and h.265), and have been doing for ages. You could possibly say their .mov container is proprietary I suppose, but for years and years they've always used standard formats.

There was a brief time at the beginning when they used Fairplay DRM on audio because they were forced to, despite many pushes from them to get that dropped. I believe Amazon broke that one and was the first DRM-free store - not entirely sure on that one. iTunes store followed shortly after, as soon as the studios let them.

Apple do use DRM on their bought/rented video from the iTunes store. But then so does Amazon, and so does Netflix, and so does MS. They're in exactly the same situation.

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