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Why My LG Optimus Cellphone Is Worse Than It's Supposed To Be 286

Posted by samzenpus
from the no-sir-I-don't-like-it dept.
Bennett Haselton writes My LG Optimus F3Q was the lowest-end phone in the T-Mobile store, but a cheap phone is supposed to suck in specific ways that make you want to upgrade to a better model. This one is plagued with software bugs that have nothing to do with the cheap hardware, and thus lower one's confidence in the whole product line. Similar to the suckiness of the Stratosphere and Stratosphere 2 that I was subjected to before this one, the phone's shortcomings actually raise more interesting questions — about why the free-market system rewards companies for pulling off miracles at the hardware level, but not for fixing software bugs that should be easy to catch. Read below to see what Bennett has to say.

Comment: Re:"Thus ends "Climategate." Hopefully." (Score 0) 497

"Non catastrophic AGW" is the answer, "catastrophic AGW" is a different answer. It's not the question. The question is "What is the effect of humans dumping CO2 into the atmosphere?". You don't get to decide whether or not climate change will have an effect on the earth before doing the study. That's not how science works. You get the money to study the effects of climate change and then you find out "Surprise! Dumping a bunch of CO2 into the atmosphere is a problem." And then you publish a bunch of data that led you to that conclusion and other people (97%) agree and we all move on and do something about it.

Comment: Re:The problem with traffic engineers... (Score 1) 579

by TheNastyInThePasty (#47369847) Attached to: Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature

The problem is worse around me. The construction companies put up cones and signs along several miles of road while only working on a small portion at a time. To make matters even worse, these construction zones are kept in place for years where weeks or even months go by with minimal or no work being done. So there are signs everywhere but they are irrelevant 90% of the time so no one follows the lowered speed limit.

Comment: Re:Myth: Corp shields you from company failure (Score 2) 1330

Like "Tiffany Blue", UPS has its branding associated with a particular color. There's a difference. People don't prefer colors so people will have an easier time recognizing them. Their favorite color appeals to their subjective tastes. Saying a business has subjective tastes is like saying the number 8 has a crush on 9. You are anthropomorphizing the business despite it being a legal entity and not a person.

Comment: Re:Myth: Corp shields you from company failure (Score 1) 1330

I'm aware of LLC's that can do that so they don't have to pay corporate taxes on the profit and then pay income tax by transferring the money to the owner. However, the benefit of such a company is still that your net income is taxed rather than your gross. Without a corporate status, you would be paying income tax on any and all revenue but with the tax benefits of an LLC, you get to write off your operating expenses and or money routed into business expansion instead of your own pocket.

Comment: Re:Myth: Corp shields you from company failure (Score 2) 1330

Can you spend the company money on whatever you want, like a new house or a boat for yourself? No. That's embezzlement. The money belongs to the company until it is paid out to you. You may be able to make that decision, but the company exists as a separate entity from you for legal and tax purposes. That separate entity doesn't have a religion any more than it has a favorite color. It is not a person.

Comment: Re:A win for freedom (Score 1) 1330

In one scenario, Hobby Lobby pays the insurance company who pays the pharmacy who gives the contraception to the employee. In the second scenario, Hobby Lobby pays the employee who pays the pharmacy who gives the contraception to the employee. Hobby Lobby is the same distance from the use of contraception in both cases. The only difference is that in the second case the company is using its position of power to disadvantage the employee who has to pay a higher cost out of pocket for an important medial good.

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