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Comment Re:In Canada... (Score 1) 263

Actually that's not really true. The correct statement would be.

1. for people with money, the US healthcare system is the best one in the world
2. for people with no money at all who live in a city with excellent public hospitals, the US healthcare system is one of the best in the world
3. for the working poor, and the middle class for whom their employer doesn't provide coverage, the US healthcare system sucks. ironically, it sucks for them even more after the "affordable healthcare act".

Comment Re: Needs to be Linux? (Score 2) 212

It's a terrible idea to live in a bad area, generally I would prefer to commute further.
In terms of getting a home security system, get one that works. If you want an independent surveillance system use Synology, but make sure the NAS is located in the party of the house that won't be searched for valuables such as an entry hallway closet. However, in home security I'm not sure DYI is a wise route.

Comment Re: Ignorance? (Score 1) 237

There is no proven theory, there's merely ones that have not been disproved. A hypothesis may be substantiated by evidence, and when our observations are repeatedly verified and the theory is shown to have significant predictive power we start teaching it as fact. That doesn't mean that tomorrow we won't find a better explanation for our observation. I stand by my wording. It may be redundant, but I think it gets the point across better. Just trying not to be an arrogant academic ...

Comment Re: Ignorance? (Score 1) 237

Your reply is meaningless pseudophilosophic tripe.

I'm so ignorant that I am ignorant about the sheer amount of ignorance I'm ignorant of. OK, I agree. Now what? Should I prostrate myself out of amazement with the amount of stuff I don't know? How about I try to improve what I can and stop worrying about the rest.

Comment Re:Ignorance? (Score 4, Insightful) 237

Actually I also disagree with the title... not because it's wrong but because it will be coopted by the truly ignorant to "prove" that everything they disagree with has no scientific basis. This is the academic equivalent of clickbait, with the unfortunate consequence of being distributed outside the academic community.

I do think that the author has a point in that we are taught "best available" theory as fact. That's not wrong, however, it's only missing the concept that our school system has been ignoring for decades - actually teaching the basis of the scientific method, logic, critical thinking... not to mention applied statistics. All of these are necessary in the modern world to do the one important civic duty that most people exercise in a state of utter ignorance - voting.

I have pursued a rather rigorous scientific training career (MD, PhD) and getting the PhD training really altered my way of thinking about the world, and learning how to ask questions that are appropriate, can be answered, and how to design ways to answer them. I can understand where they author is coming from. I just think that to truly understand what he is saying one needs much more training than lay people get, and this headline just gets me into more trouble when I talk to patients and they refuse to believe me cause they read in the paper that everything science does is bollocks.

Comment Re:Summary is rather vague (Score 1) 179

So on the off chance that one HR forgets to check and actually hires him he should MAKE SURE he's going to be unemployable and volunteer this information?

Listen, the only way to go on with your life after something like that is to change your name and location and start a new life.

Face it - at least in the US being on trial for something serious means you're fucked for life.

Guilty... innocent... you're the guy with a record...

Comment Re: When you can't trust scientific journals (Score 5, Interesting) 186

The review system is deeply flawed as it stands now. Cronyism, favoritism, and punitive harassment run rampant. Since experts in your field are often people who review your papers its not uncommon to be rejected out of spite or to let a competitor publish first. The competition isn't just fierce it's underhanded and extraordinarily wasteful in terms lost money and lost brainpower.

Comment Re: If you sedate everyone and put them in a coffi (Score 2) 394

That's because sedation is dangerous. Most times you need an intensivist or anesthesiologist to do even moderate conscious sedation... At least a CRNA... And the risk of adverse events is never less than 1:100000. Just imagine if 1:100'000 passengers died.

Sedation in real life is not like in movies. Ask Michael Jackson.

Comment technical solution (Score 5, Insightful) 479

There is a technical solution

I have Verizon FiOS. They require their router for video on demand, program guide, etc. My solution -
1. Force release DHCP on their router.
2. Clone MAC on my pfsense box.
3. Reacquire DHCP via pfsense
4. Create a DMZ with a separate interface that hosts their router (without any connection to my internal network, but open access to the internet).
5. Connect the DVR box to their router

Everything works. Everyone is happy. Their router thinks it's doing the routing. The DVR box thinks their router is its bridge to the WAN and lets me use VoD.

Took me a few days to figure it out

Comment Re:well.. (Score 2) 760

Except most speed limits are complete bullshit, at least in the US.

There are highways in NYC that have a 40mph minimum and a 45 mph maximum. Think that has anything to do with the ability to fine pretty much anyone at any time?

Roads have pretty natural speed limits regardless of the imposed limit, and it would be trivial to figure them out by simply taking an average over the course of a few days. I would venture a guess for the majority of the highways it would be substantially higher than the posted limit.

Remember - speed doesn't kill... a line of courteous drivers, observing correct leading distance and allowing free merges can probably go 100+ on a modern road in modern cars. Recklessness, carelessness, and needless maneuvers is what kills, not to mention distraction and intoxication. Observe Germany's autobahns for an example,

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