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+ - No charges father after fatal beating of map raping his 4 year old daughter. -> 1

Submitted by TheMeuge
TheMeuge (645043) writes "A Texas grand jury has declined to issue an indictment in a case that proves that common sense can still prevail. The father heard his daughters screams during a family event, he told police, and followed them to a secluded area, where he witnessed an employee of the family attempting to rape his 4-year-old daughter. Several witnesses decribed seeing the father beating the assailant's head against the pavement repeatedly. During the subsequent 911 call, the father's frantic voice can be heard: "I need an ambulance! This guy was raping my daughter, and I beat him up, and I don't know what to do!""
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+ - Malpractice Insurance May Force M.D.'s out of NY

Submitted by TheMeuge
TheMeuge (645043) writes "Newsday is reporting that recent hikes in malpractice insurance in New York State will amount to a 25% increase in premiums, in addition to a $50'000 surcharge.

With insurance rates peaking at as much as $100'000/year, this will mean that many doctors may have to shell out nearly $175'000 in insurance premiums this year alone. Considering an average physician in private practice makes around $200'000 in New York State (before taxes), it is leaving a significant percentage of doctors with no choice but to pick up and move elsewhere.

Given that health insurance companies have no intention of paying 25% more for doctor's time we're left with a situation where rising healthcare costs are being blamed on overpaid doctors, while liability claims go through the roof and malpractice insurance threatens to reduce the physician to a minimum-wage job."

+ - Measles Outbreak Reveals Under-Vaccination

Submitted by TheMeuge
TheMeuge (645043) writes "Recent measles outbreaks in several states, have led to more than 70 cases so far this year, the worst in six years. Uut of the 64 of the most recent cases, 63 of the patients have not been vaccinated. Some in the medical community are concerned that disease outbreaks may be fueled by clusters of believers, dedicated to vaccination controversies. While the a 1998 UK study, proposing a link between autism and the MMR vaccine has long been refuted, and even retracted by 10 of the 12 of its authors, many parents as well as vocal groups across the internet remain committed to the cause."

+ - Merck settles Vioxx lawsuits for $4.85 Billion

Submitted by TheMeuge
TheMeuge (645043) writes "Three years after pulling the infamous anti-inflammatory drug off the market and 20 civil trials, Merck has agreed to pay $4.85 Billion to settle nearly 27'000 lawsuits brought by people who claim they or their family members suffered injuries or died as a result of taking the drug. Interestingly, this comes after Merck won most of the lawsuits that reached juries... after the initial spectacular $253 million dollar verdict against the company. As a result, the average plaintiff will receive on the order of $100'000 before legal fees and expenses."

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