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Comment Re:Business and Bitcoin? What could go wrong? (Score 1) 65

most of the early bitcoin adopters want the government to prosecute fraud and theft but not regulate finance beyond that


is it you and these other morons believe govt likes to regulate finance in stupid ways just because it is a evil goon from a bad cartoon? "we like to abuse rights only because we have to fulfill the cartoon villain role in the minds of morons"

finance is regulated for many reasons. all of them in ways you want finance regulated! nobody regulates finance just because it's a simple minded villain in a bad hollywood movie. what is the *reason* for the existence of a regulation you dislike. then maybe you fucking need to adjust your dislike, because you clearly don't understand the reason

show me one form of financial regulation which is wrong, somehow. not an example of a regulator fucking up or committing crimes themselves that needs to be punished. "oh, the simple fact they can fuck means the regulation shouldn't exist"... yeah, like because there's bad cops we need to abolish all police. no downside there. how about we actually punish the bad cops and bad regulators? too complicated a concept for you?

give me an example of an actual regulation that is without good reason. at least to give me something to laugh at

i'll put some stock into these magic early adopters you refer to when you show me they understand actual fucking finance, which by your own words you obviously sorely lack an understanding of

you're a gullible airhead fool who doesn't even understand the fucking subject matter

Comment Re:One word: (Score 1) 556

thank you, found the one non-idiot in this thread

when writing media was rare and expensive, it was common to remove the original text and write over the pages with new text. the original pages can be decades even centuries older than when they were used to write the quran on them

in fact, in the modern study of ancient texts, it is *common* to find another text hidden underneath, and to use various methods to reveal that second, or even third text, because of writing media reuse

wouldn't it be hilarious if further inspection reveal the original use for the pages of this quran was some ancient christian writings that contradict christian dogma?

LOL. hard religious trolling

Comment Re:Business and Bitcoin? What could go wrong? (Score 1) 65

also, the system itself will go bad. the system is composed of intrinsically weak human beings. only in the low iq fantasy life of conspiracy theorists with mental illness are human systems perfectly infallible. in reality they are full of holes and bad actors and weak points and fail many times on a daily basis, the larger the organization. that's why airtight conspiracies of more than a handful of people are impossible and why most conspiracy theories are jokes to anyone without mental disease and with a sufficient social intelligence

so under your alternate legal system, the system itself will commit the worst atrocities

but that's completely off topic. your comment has nothing to do with *technology*, only legal systems, society, and human organizations

this is technology being no protection from bad intent:

Comment Re: Business and Bitcoin? What could go wrong? (Score 1) 65

you're right, my answer isn't a real answer

the real answer to the problem, how to get around any encryption in the world, now and forever, is this:

same with mt gox: all the fancy blockchain technology doesn't mean shit when you hand the keys to a thief

so, like i said: technology is no protection from bad intent, and never will be. you can only fight bad human nature with good human nature

the facts of life. now shoot the messenger or admit the reality you live in

Comment So you believe the Koran predates the Prophet? (Score 3, Informative) 556

I mean, hold on a second. Slashdot links to an article that copies from another article a report of carbon dating of "545-568" for a piece of parchment from a codex of the Qu'ran. People in this thread immediately act all smarmy about religious folks and their crazy beliefs. Some even claim historians will "just give you the facts" or some horsecrap. Here's what a historian does: A. Looks at article. B. Follows link to article they stole that from. C. Follows their link to the article they stole it from. D. Hits a paywall and goes to Wikipedia. E. Finally gets the point: two bifolios of a really old Qu'ran were discovered (by Alba Fedeli) in a Birmingham codex, Radiocarbon analysis (by the University of Oxford's Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit) dated the animal from which the parchment came to between 568-645 with 95.4% confidence -- in other words, there's a 19 chances of out 20 that the animal was alive when Mohammad was. The verses were copied onto it sometime after the animal was killed. This should all be backed up by consulting the sources linked in Wikipedia, but I'm doing this for an internet rant, thank you very much. So, guess what? If you actually study the sources, you find that 1) no "scholar" has produced a coherent argument using this evidence as the key proof that the Koran predated Mohammad, 2) Antetexts are an entirely different matter, 3) plenty of people are willing to blindly follow their faith on this matter. Most of those seem to be those who proclaim the loudest about the superiority of "science" without having any knowledge of what "science" is and a fundamental confusion of what constitutes faith and what constitutes reason. Hint: if you believe it, 'cos you read it on the interwebs and it matches what you think of the world, it ain't reason.

Comment Re:Business and Bitcoin? What could go wrong? (Score 0) 65

this is called shooting the messenger

here is the basics of life kid:

regulations, government, often screws up. and yet it is still far far better than no regulations and no government at all

when regulators are corrupt, malfeasance or ineptitude occur, etc.: you get rid of the bad apples. you cure the sick government

but what you never ever do, unless you are a complete moron, is get rid of regulations and government. because then whatever you complained about the government doing to you, is still going to happen to you. and now you have no recourse or way to fix the injustice at all

Oh, and if you believe "there isn't a technology made by man that cannot also be broken by another man", I'd like to introduce you to modern cryptography. Both your hypothetical men will be dead and dust long before a good cypher will ever be broken.

so, moron: technological progress is frozen in time to 2015?

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