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Comment Re:rubbish (Score 1) 164

Whoa there buddy. Maybe you should see a nice psychiatrist or perhaps a bartender.

This is SLASHDOT (says so right on the top).

Nobody needs real psychiatrists any more. Using some robotics components and a 3D printer you can easily print your own psychiatrist at home these days.
Now the bartender.... that is a completely different story.

Comment Re:The Legit Bay (Score 1) 81

Free means you don't pay. Among other things...

Free means giving speeches about beer.

Actually I think it means giving speeches about how no beer is truly free, and hence what ever you are speaking about shouldn't be free as in beer, but rather free as in Cuba Libre...... Hey wait a minute....

Comment Re:No mention on capacity though (Score 1) 395

And note that I won't call you an idiot, just because you are wrong.

No, but you'd be totally entitled to call him an idiot for calling other people idiots while being wrong himself.

Yeah, I was trying to set some kind of positive precedence.Guess I forgot where I was, Sorry. :-/

Comment Re:No mention on capacity though (Score 5, Insightful) 395

Do you mean a 100kW/hr battery? There is no such thing as a 100kW battery. Idiot.

Do you mean a 100kWh (or possibly kW*h) battery? There is no such thing as a 100kW/hr battery. And note that I won't call you an idiot, just because you are wrong.

Comment Re:Does that mean they'll get to vote? (Score 1) 385

If chimps are people, will they be able to vote? Hold political office? Cue the jokes.

I don't think that they would necessary need to be declared legally competent persons, just because they were given personhood status. That being said, I think I agree with those who say that perhaps we need a new classification instead.

Comment Re:"will present results Oct. 17 (Score 2) 315

Please post again after completing 6th grade earth science. Thank you.

I know this guy is posting as AC, but he doesn't deserve the -1 moderation and condescending remarks. Thermal pollution as a contributing factor to global warming is real, and in my opinion not discussed enough.

Comment Re:Lots of cheap carbon stuff (Score 1) 652

While I largely agree with the point of your post, I think that in context of global warming it would be even better to look at CO2 emission/ capita. It doesn't change things around all that much, but treats countries like Iceland a bit better as they use mainly renewable energy sources. http://data.worldbank.org/indi...

Comment Re:So the Italians win the latest round ... (Score 1) 276

It's "Discovery by a civilized man", so Norsemen mustn't count.

Essentially, to discover a continent you apparently need: 1 - To be white. 2 - A cup of tea. (ideally, with biscuits) 3 - A towel.

The Norsemen did indescribable things to civilized men with towels and cups of tea.

Comment Re:So the Italians win the latest round ... (Score 5, Informative) 276

So the Italians win the latest round, the North American Discovery trophy moves back to Italy.

Nope that trophy still belong to the Norsemen. (If we are going to continue to insist on not counting the native Americans, that is). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

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