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Comment: Re:Single case anecdote. (Score 3, Funny) 313

by TheGratefulNet (#49632723) Attached to: Why Was Linux the Kernel That Succeeded?

and now, sun and DEC are both long gone and one of them, nearly entirely forgotton. (sad, I worked at both of those fine companies and was lucky to have had the chance to work at such places).

linux is here, but vax and vms and alpha (and ultrix; I ran ultrix for a while) are all pretty much unknowns today.

wonder how long linux still remain relevant? I don't see it going away, but then again, I said the same of sun and DEC (and SGI, lets throw them in there, too. yeah, I was there, too, lol.).

Comment: Re:Meh (Score 4, Interesting) 313

by TheGratefulNet (#49631853) Attached to: Why Was Linux the Kernel That Succeeded?

about 10 or 15 yrs ago, at least in the bay area, people WERE afraid of the linux gpl. I worked at many places that avoided using linux code in their products and we used any form of bsd we could.

now, I never see bsd mentioned anymore in job ads. its ALL about linux.

wonder what finally made the c-levels unafraid of linux? the gpl is still the same and we did have gplv2 and v3 back in the old days when bsd was 'the thing to use' for networking boxes.

Comment: Re:I'm sure no one will misconstrue this at all... (Score 1) 93

by TheGratefulNet (#49631749) Attached to: Apple's Plans For Your DNA

lets ignore the fact that network and system security is a total fucking JOKE on compute devices these days.

wait, lets NOT ignore that. in fact, its more important than the 'good use' cases.

if there's any chance my med history info gets out to the wrong people (ie, most people are the wrong people) then this should never even be prototyped, much less implemented.

"hey, there's a car crash up ahead! should we just keep driving and hope we can get thru or do we go around it and avoid it?"

this is a car crash waiting to ruin lives. NO THANKS!

it would be funny - if it wasn't so pathetic - how stupidly we trust computers to contain our most sensitive info.

its similar to when I go to the doctor and they ask if I want to join their 'internet service' so that I can dialog with my doctor online and have him/her send med info to me over email. and each time I have to return the lecture to the supposedly 'smart doctor' that only a fool (or millenial..) would opt to have his most sensitive info sent over what is totally unsecured channels. and don't give me that "but its ssl!" bullshit. we all should know better than that, as geeks.

Comment: Re:Sure... (Score 1) 93

by TheGratefulNet (#49631457) Attached to: Apple's Plans For Your DNA

I don't blame apple for wanting to do this.

but I DO blame us, the consumers, for falling for every god damned privacy-invading scheme conceivable.

its like people are going out of their way to ruin their own lives and become part of the surveillance state.

"hey, it has some glass that you can press on. how cool is that? lets fully trust our lives to this new god of ours."

(facepalm times ten to the facefalm exponent)

Comment: Re:Yeah that will work (Score 1) 103

by TheGratefulNet (#49631365) Attached to: Europe Vows To Get Rid of Geo-Blocking

you encode 'state' on the url!

I thought everyone knew this. its like a 'udp' style, in a way. each url is complete and stateful. works great!

with RESTful apis being so trendy, cookies are often JUST use for authentication. each url is fully complete and describes entirely what is asked of the REST service.

Comment: Re:Oh give it a rest (Score 1) 181

by TheGratefulNet (#49628229) Attached to: French Version of 'Patriot Act' Becomes Law

in the WW2 days, the US rounded up japanese americans and put them in 'camps' for 'safe keeping'. quite a shameful thing to do and a black mark on US history ;(

how did they find the japanese americans?


a lot of us have refused to feed the census since we consider it immoral (given how it was abused in the past). there are good things that come from it, but I'd still rather not take part in it.

many of us are at the point of being so suspicious of any 'info request' that comes across our desk, my new reaction is 'no, I won't answer or supply you your requested info.'

I guess its the new-normal, now. but I question every single request for 'more info' and challenge them all. rolling over and supplying info for the surveillance state will only work against you.

Comment: Re:Not law yet (Score 1) 181

by TheGratefulNet (#49628193) Attached to: French Version of 'Patriot Act' Becomes Law

I have mail and many domains at gandi, a french registrar and hoster.

sigh. I guess if this law passes, I have to transfer my accounts to some new company. even if gandi relocates (I doubt it) they'll still be a french company and therefore, subject to the french set of bullshit laws.

damn. this is a big hassle. any recommendations for 'good countries' that host domains, etc? swiss? holland? who still has 'good freedom' left?

Comment: Re:Because of the action of a few ... (Score 1, Interesting) 181

by TheGratefulNet (#49628159) Attached to: French Version of 'Patriot Act' Becomes Law

islam has, as part of its philosophy (if you call it that; its hardly a 'love of mankind'!) that everyone on the earth HAS to convert to islam. they may not say that to your face in english on camera, but its there and they all know it.

there are 'temporary peaces' where they regroup to refight you again. there is NEVER a perma peace. they do not want it and they will not accept it.

basically, I hate saying this but this religion is toxic to the earth and should be removed.

how long do you want to give them to westernize and 'live and let live' ? how much more do you want to endure while they 'teach' us what's really on their mind?

no one wants bloody wars, but a slow perma-war is much worse, isn't it?

does anyone seriously believe that islam will modernize? hell, name ANY religion that has changed even one bit since its creation. you can't expect any religion (which is mostly based on non-facts and non-provable things) to 'grow up'. the thing is, most religions are not hell-bent (..) on making everyone on the planet the same as you. christianity IS like that, but they at least won't go to the same extremes; they'll bug the hell out of you and try to enact laws to favor their own views but they rarely try to KILL you. islam is not like that; killing to convert is part of their way.

we have 3 things we can do: 1) nothing, 2) accept our defeat and just put up with this continual set of attacks, 3) man-up to the conflict and fight it to the end.

do you see a #4? I really don't. sooner or later, we will have to deal with this with #3. the question is: how much more destruction of OUR way of life are we willing to tolerate in order to avoid #3?

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