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Comment Re:Major disconnect from layers (Score 1) 425

article about HP worker asking for help from the government:

yeah, like the government has fought for the rights of the worker over BigCorp in the last 20 years. yeah, right. dream on!

companies don't care about you. government (US) does not care about you. we have no unions in our field and so we have zero power. where it really matters, we have no one to speak for us.

do you guys think this has gone on long enough? and if not, what will it take to finally convince you that we need collective bargaining, just to level the playing field?

Comment Re:Losing at capitalism 101 (Score 1) 425

I understand. but 'the bay area' DOES mean san francisco area. like it or not, this is the label and the fact that you didn't know that - well - you know it now.

I spent time in the boston area and its also a 'bay area'. so is maryland. but 'the bay area' is silicon valley. I did not make the name up; don't freak out at me for using a standard name that you happened to not be aware of.

Comment Re: Heh (Score 1) 425

I was in the $140k range for a number of years; then the downward slope hit and the 'new range' seems to be around $120k, if you are lucky. for a short bit I was hitting over $160k as a contractor but when bossman finds a way to outsource you, that's it - you're done.

that may seem like a lot of money, but for bay area middle aged professionals who live in a house, its not at all a lot of money! and going from 150 down to 120 is a HUGE step backward, let me tell you; especially when your healthcare is omitted, you have no sick time or vacation time and there WILL be big gaps between your gigs since companies actively avoid hiring locals unless they are absolutely forced to.

at least I'm not at HP where folks are being told they must leave HP, join some other company at half their pay and lose all seniority and benefits. man, the companies are outright declaring war on the middle class worker. if it has not hit you or someone you know, it will. don't be smug about your situation, as the greed and hunger for more power WILL find you and your job will be at risk like so many of the rest of us.

we can hang together or we can hang separately. yes, I'm pro-union even though I know that our own kind (software) won't ever man-up to admitting that we need help in balancing the power base against the corporations.

Comment Re:Companies don't get it.... (Score 1) 425

you have it 100% right on all issues.

sigh. our lives do suck. and its NOT getting better, guys, its getting worse each year. open-office, why did you have to mention that? ;( I see nothing BUT that, in the bay area, and I frown each time I see it.


this field is broken. some people have it well, but the majority are taken for a ride, played as chumps and they don't realize it until its too late.

Comment Re:Losing at capitalism 101 (Score 4, Insightful) 425

it most certainly IS factory-style work here in the bay area.

95% h1b, from 2 countries (guess which; neither is US). all are under 40. most are under 35 yrs old.

as soon as you grow and get experience, you have eaten the forbidden fruit and you know how you should NOT be treated. at that point, they dispose of you and from then on, you will have nothing but 'short stays' if you are even lucky enough to get short term contracts.

tech work is mostly just unskilled labor, banging out bullshit code, full of bugs to never be fixed and replaced with some new buggy shit. lather rince repeat.

I'm fed up.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 90

macs at sun? when was that?

I was at sun right before oracle killed them and in engineering, it was all tower sun workstations. sunblade this and netra that (for those doing netra work).

and at sgi, we had o2's and octanes.

at DEC, we had decstations and vaxstations.

I liked it when there was computer diversity like that. I really do miss using real unix boxes instead of (sigh) windows windows windows! in the corp world, you only get to pick win or apple, now.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 90

I was at cisco during the last year and, yes, it was amazing how many silver aluminum laptops I saw 'walking around'. 100:1 or 50:1 to pc's.

while there, I took some employee training and one class was almost entirely international exchange students (there for a whole year at a time, I'm told). 99% of them had apple laptops.

Comment Re:Hang on a minute... (Score 4, Insightful) 744

its the other way around. we used to have small, simple programs that did not take whole systems to build and gigs of mem to run in. things were easier to understand and concepts were not overdone a hundred times, just because 'reasons'.

now, we have software that can't be debugged well, people who are current software eng's have no attention span to fix bugs or do proper design, older guys who DO remember 'why' are no longer being hired and we can't seem to stand on our giants' shoulders anymore. again, because 'reasons'.

Comment Re:At pools (Score 1) 259

anyone old enough to remember the iOpener? (I have one still in a box, anyone want it? it has been modded to run linux; 2.0 iirc).

keyboard had a pizza key on it. not much else memorable about that failed marketing experiment.

(and that's a $100 that I'll never see again. oh well. it was a different world back then)

Comment Re:buh, bye (Score 3, Interesting) 494

no one would believe you if you went back in time and said that reagan and bush-2 would be president.

"an actor? president? you're making that up!"

(what movie was that from? doesn't matter.)

point is, with the true choice of leaders NOT being in the hands of the voters, anything's possible. if the hidden unseen rulers choose idiot-A or idiot-B, that's what we get. what: you thought we had a SAY in things? oh, how cute.

Comment Re:Slavery 2.0 Rocks!!! (Score 5, Insightful) 396

you are wrong.

speaking as someone who is out of work, savings near 0 (been out a long time) and there is essentially no social support. I can't meet my expenses on unemployment, not even close. and when unemployed, you cannot find a new place to live; they all insist you are currently employed! catch 22.

I know what I'm talking about. I'm in that role. you are simply ASSUMING and you are, quite frankly, wrong and talking out of your ass.

america will crush you and you can't expect the US to support its people when they are down and out. why the fuck do you think there ARE homeless people!!! dammit.

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