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Comment Re:Jury Nullification (Score 3, Informative) 307 307

and in most of the US, its borderline illegal to even MENTION JN in court. judges will kick you out, lock you up, threaten you, try to scare you. voire dire does all it can to try to reject jurors that even KNOW what JN is. and if you tell them during VD that you don't know what JN is and then later, they find out you do, you are in contempt.

its all neatly stacked up so that your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS are not vocalized or listed or communicated to you.

"nice liberty you got there; would be a shame if something were to happen to it"

Comment Re:The NSA has done several things to help securit (Score 1) 105 105

you are far too trusting; and you have zero reason to trust thives and robbers and villians.

go ahead and trust the spooks. hey, enjoy! ignorance is bliss.

but to trust anyone from those orgs, now that we truly know the mentality of those in control, THAT's what the definition of crazy-talk is.

zero cred. sorry, but anything from the spooks is untrustable and probably always has been. the fact that they act like they are trying to 'help' just makes matters even worse.

and the old chestnut about 'but its open source!' means nothing. how many of us are truly qualified to read and understand well-crafted back-door and unsafe code? given how many security breaks we have in every bit of running code mankind has ever written, I would say that almost no one can truly be sure that the source you are reading is really safe and has no ill side-effects. systems are very complex. even experts can be fooled; and with agencies that have more money than god, they can afford to hire and retain the 'best' (and most evil) minds in existence.

go ahead and trust them. but I won't. not in a million years.

Comment Re:Worst? Heh (Score 1) 573 573

ever hear a cassette on a nakamichi?

some have been as good as studio masters (which says a lot about how bad some masters can be).

I've head tapes on a nak dragon that I could not believe were dolby B cassettes.

there is ANALOG compression (dolby) on tapes and its quite good. mp3 sucks and has issues even at higher bit rates.

I like digital audio but a good cassette is NOT junk!

Comment Re:Google's desire to sell all things (Score 1, Insightful) 217 217

sorry, but google, OF ALL COMPANIES, is not allowed to use the incompetance-card. they go around telling everyone that they have the smartest and brightest engineers. in the world. they constantly tell us this, directly and indirectly.

and so, that much hubris denies you the 'we didn't know!' card.

you knew. you FUCKING KNEW. don't give me that shit, google.

or, come clean and admit you are just another sweatshop employing drones in human skin who are just doing what they are told and have no ability to think on their own. you ready to admit that you hire yes-men and no one there would dare go against your oh-so-mighty data collection requirements?

I don't believe they hire super bright people, to be honest. they hire young kids who simly will do what they are told and will look the other way if you give them free lunch, free clothes and an employer name that still has a wow-factor to many.

the group-think is too strong to fight against the data collection monster. I dont' think any google employee would last if he/she stood up and spoke against a privacy violation on a user's data. as long as google gets to keep all your data, there is no such thing as privacy for users and its drilled into the employees, indirectly, but still drilled into them.

Comment Re:certs are like college degrees (Score 2, Interesting) 296 296

if you have no experience or are from a 3rd world country, sure.

if you have experience, certs are usually a waste of time. I would actually hire people who did NOT bother with certs.

I run into folks from india all the time (bay area resident, fact of life here) and more often than not, they are filled with degrees and certs and lots of memorization. still, with all that 'stuff' the output from many indians is sub-par. they don't THINK, they just have amassed lots of DATA in their heads.

sadly, those are the folks who are now, almost completely in control of the hiring. indian bosses, indian co-workers, indian ceo's. they think their methods of learning is great and they hire from their own culture, ignoring (blatantly) the locals who grew up here and who did NOT spend their time swallowing textbooks and memorizing algorithms.

not much more to say about the subject. oh, right - cheating - LOTS and lots of cheating on tests in india. its documented and known. and so, what good are certs if the culture encourages and allows cheating?

certs are useless. less than useless, in fact. give me someone who can think and that's most of an engineering job; not rote data storage in greymatter.

Comment Re:The job of the press is accountability (Score 2) 161 161

#include "notsureifserious.jpg"

you cannot be serious. the press are 100% owned by the powers that they should be reporting on. we have no honest or free press anymore, at least not in the english speaking countries that I'm aware of.

Comment Re: Wait a minute... (Score 4, Insightful) 249 249

lets also mention the test equipment vendors that have almost all been bought by the evil danaher: tektronix, fluke and keithley being the big 3 that come to mind. why can't companies stay around, these days? oh, right, if they are honest and provide a product that lasts, that's 'no good' for the current disposable economy. sigh.

audio companies, include, too; harmon kardon and nakamichi come to mind as they are now shells. shit, even b&w (used to be high end speakers) now make fashion headphones for the apple crowd. SQ does not matter, only looks, for that audience.

everyone is engaged in a race to the bottom. pretty depressing, actually.

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