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Comment: systemd is a bad joke (Score 5, Insightful) 467

by TheGratefulNet (#49545033) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Released, First Version To Feature systemd

if I had mod points, I'd mod you as troll.

its not the 'basement dwellers' - those guys have zero experience in unix, given that they are alive less than 20 years, usually, and they know only what they've learned during the obama years and not much before that.

the rest of us who have used and managed unix since the 80's have to dump WHAT WORKED WELL and move to some new shit that clearly has issues, does not fit in or belong very well and is being forced on us.

see, the value of a craftsman is in his knowledge and experience of his tools. some people spend decades learning how to use their tools and work in their trade and the time shows; experience is worth having and paying for!

what happened now: some newbie decided the old way was not good enough and decided to change it all out, for no good reason at all (I have not yet seen a good reason to reinvent a wheel that has been working for longer than most of you have been ALIVE). faster startup is not a reason; this isn't a media player and linux still does not startup in 3 seconds or less, so what's the point of 'faster startup' when its really not fast enough to justify this forklift upgrade of sorts?

basically, the linux distros have been 'google-fucked'. I use that term to mean that some young snotnose didn't have anything better to do with his time and decided to royally break things and redo them, just because he thought it was a 'good idea'. but clearly didn't think it all the way thru and just wanted it because he just wanted it! typical google style; break things and trash all the old history of how things WERE done because, well, we just CANT LEAVE WORKING THINGS ALONE!

Comment: Re:Because the public must PAY! (Score 4, Insightful) 301

each time I read about the recording industry pulling another fast one, it only encourages me to be bolder and download even MORE 'content'.

I now refuse to buy movies or music. and I can well afford it, but I simply refuse. because I can - the same reason they keep breaking their promises and agreements with us, the consumers.

they can, and we can. they don't care, so why should we?

just give up buying and paying. the bastards are just not worth supporting. too bad about the artists, but they never got all that much, anyway; its the rare performer that really gets rich. most are stiffed by the industry.

seriously - why should anyone follow laws when the big guys always ALWAYS get off scot-free and break rules without the slightest bit of care?

Comment: weinstein? in pakistan?? (Score 2) 333

by TheGratefulNet (#49539073) Attached to: Drone Killed Hostages From U.S. and Italy, Drawing Obama Apology

elephant in the room question: why is a jew (I assume) hanging out in a country that does not accept his way of life as valid?

there are places that you should not go if you are deeply hated for your last name. pakistan is one such place.

I will never understand what drives people to go spend time in such a hostile country. it does not forgive what happened, but if you go to dangerous places, bad shit can and will happen.

Comment: Re:Well done! (Score 1) 536

you can rent apartments for 2500/mo and houses for about 3k/mo in the bay area (I live here and I do rent).

2000 is very bottom of rent price for anything livable. house rents start at 2500 (usually townhouses with shared walls).

yes, its insane. don't come here. and if you live here, move.

Comment: Re:Wow. Just wow. (Score 1) 325

by TheGratefulNet (#49487713) Attached to: LA Schools Seeking Refund Over Botched iPad Plan

sad but true. testing is often left to the users (hw and sw, alike). only the basic smoke tests go thru in today's 'agile' world.

a funny but also slightly sad example of NO qa at all:

see the spelling of that word at the bottom? COLORAST?

what the hell is that? well, my guess is that its the COLOR adjustment but no one bothered to clear the buffer before it said CONTRAST (as you step thru the menu options).

not a show-stopper but indicative of what we see in the sw/hw world today.

if vendors can't be bothered, why would users?

Comment: Re: Too late; already sold my EVO's on eBay (Score 1) 72

amazon reviews?

other than the occasional smart guy there, amazon is a joke for reviews. I look at the q/a section and someone asks a valid question, some idiot replies "sorry, I don't know the answer to that, but I love this product so much!".


much worse than AOL ever was. and that says something.

what is it about amazon that draws the lowest iq's to 'respond' to questions saying 'I don't know'? is it some dialog box that pops up saying 'please answer this'? why spend time answering a question (that clearly is meant to help others) with an IDK reply? boggles my mind!

amazon reviews are mostly useless; not even including the ones that are paid shill reviews in broken korean, chinese and hindi.

Comment: Re:Don't establish a precedent. (Score 1) 700

why are religions exempt from taxes, btw? what is the reasoning behind it?

catholics are a rich group of 'folks'; they own more land and gold than many countries. the fact that they continue to be exempt has gone on longer than it should.

third rail, though. can't touch religion! have to let the fools have their fake beliefs to keep them cozy at night. we have science to explain everything the religions tried to - and yet we still have this crutch and worse yet, we allow them to own so much land, control so much power and get off without paying any taxes!

in this day and age when our common infrastructure is crumbling below us, tax dodgers should be attacked as the unamerican entities that they really are. traitors, in fact, as they are ruining our country by stealing riches and giving essentially nothing of value back in return.

Comment: Re:Landed OK but tipped over (Score 1) 117

by TheGratefulNet (#49474321) Attached to: SpaceX Dragon Launches Successfully, But No Rocket Recovery

Of course, this is only worth exploring if there just isn't enough room to further stabilize the rocket during the close approach.

why not both? (as they say).

it would seem that you want extra assurance that things 'work right' when out in extremes (like space or deep sea). why not cover all the bases? work on the precision landing but also allow for 'wiggle room' in the design. the idea of a net catching something is a nice conceptual idea; something that 'gives' or adapts sounds pretty good to me.

hell, if it was my project, I'd want backups on backups. and yes, it costs, which is probably why things are not done as well as they could be; there's always a cost limit that will cut back safety or extra degrees of reliability.

Comment: Re:Been through Denver (Score -1, Flamebait) 294

he wants to be CALLED june, but his real name is JERRY.


I wonder, though; the CAUSE of this was islamic terror - and that triggered our extreme fear reaction which caused us to go overboard on the 'security theater' checks.

all the while, the muslim extremists who WANTED this done to us, are laughing their asses off.

I wish - and I know this would never 'fly' - that we would make their lives as uncomfortable as ours - or even more so. they are really offended when their women are even looked at by westerners. what I would love to see is that we go OUT OF OUR WAY to fondle and embarass all the muslim women - ALL OF THEM - that enter or leave any western country. yes, its payback and its meant to inflict a return feeling for all that have 'done' for us.

it will piss them off no-end! in a non-violent but VERY clear way. and if we decided to do this under guise of 'making us all safer' then there would be nothing they could do.

the fact that we let them ruin our way of life - and they got away with it - means that they are boldened to keep doing this crap to us.

if we do a tit-for-tat (as childish as that might initially seem) then maybe the escalations and wars would come to a stand-still.

see, killing them does not change a thing. they WANT to die; they have been trained for it and their way of life lets them think that they will have paradise of they do harm to non-muslims. but what would make them more angry than murder is to EMBARASS THEM. saving face is a big deal in the middle east and it would show them that if they do X, we will do Y and Y will be MUCH worse than their X.

we're pussies, though. we are afraid to truly fight them in ways that will give us the desired result. instead, we fight them in ways that would make ourselves angry; and the problem with that is that what makes us angry is not what makes them angry.

the sooner we truly engage in this culture war, the sooner we can end it all and return to sanity again.

I know, we won't do this. I know that. like I said, we're pussies and won't truly fight them in ways that will bring about change.

"Consistency requires you to be as ignorant today as you were a year ago." -- Bernard Berenson