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Comment: Re:Dobsonian (Score 1) 185

In terms of bang for the buck Dobs can't be beat. You'll get more aperture per amount spent. Add a Telrad and you're good to go. Do not start out with an electronic mount; use real charts. Ads for cheap scopes will tout magnification; that's not as important as aperture and light-gathering power. You'll want at least 4", preferably 6". All that said, expect to pay good money for good quality. If it sounds too cheap then it probably is.

Comment: My little rant about PC gaming (Score 1) 245

by TheGoodNamesWereGone (#46739459) Attached to: PC Gaming Alive and Dominant
I'd love to know what percentage of games are FPSs... They're cranked out like sausages not because they're the best that the companies can do, but because they can be played using a console controller. Meanwhile a reasonably well-equpped PC has far more power than any console, and features a real (gasp!) keyboard with more than 10 buttons! Game makers do shitty ports of titles to the PC; for example, I still have not played Skyrim because of the PC-unfriendly interface. And they wonder why sales are down.

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