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Comment: Re:Minimum Sentences (Score 2) 147

by TheGinger (#39503647) Attached to: European Law Could Give Hackers Mimimum Two-Year Sentence
I agree, the first article paints a very different picture from the second. first article talks about maximum sentences being at-least 2 year or 5 years for aggravated circumstances, the 2nd article they have becomes minimum sentence. In the first article there is also a section (under IP spoofing) stating 'However, no criminal sanctions should apply to "minor cases", i.e. when the damage caused by the offence is insignificant.' This could be very significant

Comment: Couldn't be more selfish (Score 1) 414

by TheGinger (#39470971) Attached to: Maybe the FAA Gadget Ban On Liftoff and Landing Isn't So Bad
Just because takes an armed air marshal to prise your ipod from your fingers because you can't even get through a date without some sort of gadget in your hand, that should not be everyone else's problem. If 15 minutes without an ipad in your hand every time you fly improves your quality of live you need to sort your life out and fly less

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