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Comment: Re:More Flamebait (from a 10-year MMOG dev). (Score 1) 13

by TheDuckie (#9935621) Attached to: Uru Resurrects Fan-Operated Multiplayer Shards
Even if it is merely a gift to fans, calling it 'Until URU' seems unnecessarily cruel. Cyan has gone down an extra notch on this one in my book. There's already much fan speculation about where UU might lead and efforts to promote it to the uninitiated (as if an unpopular underdeveloped freebie will now become popular since you have to pay for it). They're offering it up bugs and all with no new content and the additional complications of volunteer servers (and what should one expect as URU gets jeri-rigged once again!?). Why does anyone think that although Cyan/Ubi with all of their resources couldn't get Live working smoothly, a determined group of scattered volunteers will manage to make it all better? It's kind of sad really. From how many angles would you want to watch a train wreck? I congratulate the fans for getting this far (I knew they'd keep it going in some form for awhile at least), but I agree with the earlier poster that even given their disclaimer, Cyan is being a bit disingenuous and unethical.

"If anything can go wrong, it will." -- Edsel Murphy