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Comment: Re:Paying for More Slack Space (Score 1) 442

by TheDreadedGMan (#30577270) Attached to: HDD Manufacturers Moving To 4096-Byte Sectors

Running Windows 7 64-Bit RC here... installed on a 750GB Samsung drive formatted using defaults via the installer.

Opened the C:\Windows folder, typed "size:<=4096" in the search box, found 23,347 files, selected all, right-clicked properties, I get:
Size: 43.0 MB (45,126,095 bytes)
Size on disk: 91.1 MB (95,563,776 bytes)

so they are slightly more then twice as big, these "more, smaller files"... personally 45MiB of a 698,000MiB is not bad wastage...

Comment: Re:F-lock hands down (Score 1) 939

by TheDreadedGMan (#29622597) Attached to: The Most Useless Key On My Keyboard Is...
my friend dubbed it "Fuck-Lock" after buying a new keyboard with it defaulting off and playing Battlefield 2 with default key bindings which has F9 to parachute... F9 F9 F9 "FUCK!" and then reach for F-Lock so it actually works... Most misguided design ever, sure, add media keys to your hearts content microsoft and logitech, but please don't fuck with default function keys!! they are there for a reason!

Comment: AS 3112 (Score 2, Interesting) 711

by TheDreadedGMan (#28861641) Attached to: Favorite type of electical wall socket?
Australia / New Zealand standard looks like US standard but at angles so cannot be put in backwards. Has down-wards compatible higher-rated plugs. Sockets have switches on them As far as this poll goes it's pretty dumb... you don't really prefer a standard you get one to match your area.

Apple Kills Google Voice Apps On the iPhone 541

Posted by kdawson
from the hey-wait-isn't-he-on-our-board dept.
molnarcs writes "Apple pulls Google Voice-enabled applications from its App Store, citing duplication of functionality. The move affects both Google's official Google Voice and third party apps like Voice Central. Sean Kovacs, main developer of GV Mobile, says that he had personal approval for his app from Phil Shiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, last April. TechCrunch's Jason Kincaid suspects AT&T behind the move."

Comment: Re:No one even notice? (Score 1) 202

by TheDreadedGMan (#28369169) Attached to: Firefox 3.5 Hits Release Candidate Milestone

Yep I noticed it however windows doesn't always refresh the short cut icons immediately so some might have missed the new shiny icons.

If you're on Windows XP or similar and it has not refreshed the icon just go to the shortcut properties and click change icon and click ok... it will update automatically.


A Black Day For Internet Freedom In Germany 420

Posted by kdawson
from the sun-going-down dept.
Several readers including erlehmann and tmk wrote to inform us about the dawning of Internet censorship in Germany under the usual guise of protecting the children. "This week, the two big political parties ruling Germany in a coalition held the final talks on their proposed Internet censorship scheme. DNS queries for sites on a list will be given fake answers that lead to a page with a stop sign. The list itself is maintained by the German federal police (Bundeskriminalamt). A protest movement has formed over the course of the last several months, and over 130K citizens have signed a petition protesting the law. Despite this, and despite criticism from all sides, the two parties sped up the process for the law to be signed on Thursday, June 18, 2009."

Ideal, and Actual, IT Performance Metrics? 321

Posted by timothy
from the spin-the-dial-shake-the-8-ball dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Recently it was revealed that our company measures IT performance by the time it takes to close trouble tickets. I consider IT's primary goal to be as transparent to the user as possible, thus this metric was rather troubling to me. Shouldn't we be focused on reducing calls, rather than simply closing them quickly? My question is: How is your IT performance measured, and how do you think it should be measured?"

Comment: get a new screen (Score 1) 544

by TheDreadedGMan (#27811461) Attached to: Options For a Laptop With a Broken Screen?

I always thought replacing a laptop LCD would be costly and difficult, but having done it the other weekend for a friends laptop it was (relatively) cheap, and very easy, only took part of a morning

(In New Zealand,) a replacement 15" 1280x800 screen cost NZ $350.

Without any instructions (Asus laptop... hard to find service manual)... I was able to take out the old screen and insert the new one within about 1.5 hours, using simple tools like a small screwdriver.

Get over the "it's too hard" problem, and just replace the screen... or just use it as a controller for your robotic toaster.

Comment: Re:An audible keyboard is like audible links (Score 1) 519

by TheDreadedGMan (#27348957) Attached to: Old-School Keyboard Makes Comeback of Sorts


I prefer quiet keyboards, but obviously not at the expense of key layout and feel...

I can appreciate the quality of the old keyboards, and the fact that they last for a long time, but the noise factor is fairly important for me too, I prefer the relative quiet of my MS Comfort Curve 2000...

The main thing with keyboards is just having a consistent layout, to this end I've purchased a Comfort Curve for work to match the one I have at home so I can be productive either end.

The main thing that irks me about keyboards in general is that the design remains relatively unchanged, for example the MS Ergo keyboard remains one of the few widely-available "Slightly" different designs... and the little feet are at the *back* of most keyboards... which seems counter-intuitive, as I would expect you want the keyboard sloped *downwards* instead of up...

I also agree with most of the points on this blog entry

Comment: Re:Why brasero? (Score 1) 140

by TheDreadedGMan (#27324219) Attached to: Review of GNOME 2.26 and GTK+ 2.16

yep my thoughts exactly, I've tried to use Brasero to burn data discs and after arranging and moving files around a bit it almost always crashed on me... kinda like using an old version of Nero... although the nero drag-and-drop-into-random-folder bug is not there there are enough unique bugs that I'm unimpressed... I'll have to try the latest version and see if it's any better...

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