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Comment: Seagate suuucks (Score 1) 444

by TheDarkener (#46031131) Attached to: Who Makes the Best Hard Disk Drives?

I have had so many Seagate drives fail on me in the past 10 years it's not even funny. One client of mine had a Seagate fail in their server's RAID-1 array, then not more than a month later, the other one failed. Musta been a(nother?) bad batch.

Western Digital has always been a solid drive and that's what I recommend to my clients. Can't say much for the others, because I normally only deal with them when I'm replacing them - either for upgraded storage or because they've failed/are failing.

Comment: ChunkVNC (Score 1) 408

by TheDarkener (#46031073) Attached to: Short Notice: LogMeIn To Discontinue Free Access

I'm very surprised nobody has mentioned Chunkvnc. It's just like UltraVNC Single-Click - requires no client installation, it's just a single .exe file you download (I provide mine on my support site's front page), double-click, and read a number to the tech connecting to you. The back-end repeater runs on Linux and Windows. Only thing is you have to use UltraVNC viewer to connect, which I use via Wine in Debian. Would be very nice to see ID# support for Linux-based VNC viewers so I could ditch having to use Wine. Also, some antivirus programs detect it as a malicious attempt for someone to gain access to your computer (VNC is an 31337 h4x0r util dontchaknow), but it's easy enough to add an exception in most cases. Also, since it's based on uVNC you can do file transfers, which is awesome.

Oh yeah, and it's F/OSS and free ($$). Donations are accepted on Chunk's website, however. (No, I am not affiliated with the project other than a happy user for about 8 years now, first with uVNC-sc and now Chunk).

Comment: News Headline (Score 1) 253

by TheDarkener (#45947963) Attached to: Using Nanotechnology To Build Thinner, Stronger Condoms

HEADLINE: "Bill Gates is giving $100,000 toward making a new kind of 'nanoparticle' condom. It is touted as being more secure, more fun and more sensitive than the current type of condoms in use today. "


Comment: All your accounts are belong to us. (Score 4, Insightful) 251

by TheDarkener (#45373927) Attached to: Feedly Forces Its Users To Create Google+ Profiles

I'm f***ing sick of Google and their integration of Google+ into Youtube (and obviously their other, and 3rd party services). I don't like Google+. I like Youtube (less and less these days, however). I don't use GMail, or any other Google service (besides search when DuckDuckGo doesn't find me what I want). It's like they're trying to force-feed us their horrible social network via proxy (no pun intended). NO I DO NOT WANT TO POST MY YOUTUBE COMMENTS ON MY DESOLATE GOOGLE+ ACCOUNT. Just keep them separate, they were never meant to be tied together.

Comment: Re:So much ego! (Score 1) 419

by TheDarkener (#45176017) Attached to: Mark Shuttleworth Complains About the 'Open Source Tea Party'

secretly idolize Steve Jobs...hahaha, you hit the nail on the head, friend. I could only imagine things turning out in a similar fashion if Apple actually had built upon Linux instead of BSD for OSX. Except Apple would have probably had much more influence because of their history and credibility.

Comment: So... (Score 1) 419

by TheDarkener (#45175685) Attached to: Mark Shuttleworth Complains About the 'Open Source Tea Party'

Shuttleworth claims people that oppose his little project are doing so because of politics in open source, then in the same breath labels everyone who's against Mir "Open Source Tea Party" ?

Fucking hypocrite. You know, I used to love Ubuntu back in the day. At 10.04 I switched back to Debian because I was sick of feeling like I was being led forward on a dog leash. It hasn't changed. Mark hasn't changed, and he thinks he's some sort of open source leader, far beyond the little garden he's planted. There's a whole landscape of different vegitation, man, and you didn't create it all. Stop acting like you did.

Comment: It doesn't surprise me (Score 1) 356

by TheDarkener (#44939473) Attached to: California Elementary Schools To Test Anti-Piracy Curriculum

I worked for California schools for 4 years as a technical consultant. It hurts me deeply to say, especially since my first son is just starting Kindergarten, that these schools really are going to go with whatever is recommended to them at the highest corporate/political level. I helped bring LTSP and thus Linux to thousands of elementary school kids over this period as a pilot (and after successful pilot, transition from aging Windows PCs in media/computer labs) in 7 schools. It felt so amazing for me to have the honor of exposing this many children to open source software. But, after the acting technoogy director retired, a new one stepped in and quickly pulled the plug on the whole setup, reverting back to Windows.

It's the same at deeply rooted non-profits for kids. I worked for Boys & Girls Clubs in California, doing the same thing - in addition to LTSP, though, we also had Linux on the back-end fileserver and firewall. It was a great setup. Then, we heard that Microsoft suddenly (and unexpectedly) had given them a grant for new PCs, on the condition that Windows was the only OS installed, and they essentially weren't allowed to "tinker" with them.

The RIAA and MPAA are very large and rich corporations. They have that much money to throw at conditioning young children that software is something that comes with many restrictions and cannot be shared freely, modified or "tinkered" with. Schools will go along with it as long as there's a benefit for them. The moral standing of the people at the top of the education system's pyramid aren't exactly the best, from what I've experienced, and I'm sure many of them have very close ties with other "industry" executives. Scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Makes me think of "National Lampoon's Senior Trip". Ha!

Comment: Ignore the bullying (Score 1) 706

by TheDarkener (#44860203) Attached to: Student Arrested For Using Phone App To 'Shoot' Classmates

It floors me how the school can not, at the VERY LEAST, sympathize with the kid and try to fix the issue of the initial bullying. But it seems like they're all still quite tied up in the whole...GO WILDCATS! GO SCHOOL SPIRIT!! WOOOOO!!!! bullshit that runs the school system. Now I want to download the app and go to the school, and "shoot" the ones who put him in juvie.

Now, am I going to get arrested for suggesting that?

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