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Comment External USR Serial Modem (Score 2) 614 614

I recently replaced a client's flaky USB modem for a dedicated fax PC (used daily, all day) with an external US Robotics 56K Serial modem made in 1996 I had gotten from another client. Made in the good ole' U.S. of A. by beer drinking, beard-having men. Its red lights flicker like I remember in the old BBS days - I suspect it will hum along for years to come.

Comment Re:So what about under the hood stuff? (Score 1) 118 118

If you can't figure out how to use google, I don't think you should get root access.

I was commenting on the article, not my ability to type search phrases into a text box, jackass.

Also, do you really think *anyone* that purchases a device, regardless of their technical expertise, shouldn't have administrative access to it? Who are you, the root police?

Comment So what about under the hood stuff? (Score 2) 118 118

I was disappointed TFA didn't mention anything about what you might or might not be able to do aside from the normal functions of a phone. It's Ubuntu, after all. Do I get a shell? Do I get root? Can I install Ubuntu packages such as openssh-server, rsync, etc? Is there anything accessible resembling a real Linux environment?

Comment Re:Early corporate boardroom conversation leak (Score 1) 163 163

I think you underestimate the power of Facebook. Publicly shaming corporations such as GM is a HUGE PR hit if they actually started introducing such things into their cereals, even in small, legal doses. Just imagine if they started putting Sodium Fluoride in their cereals under the presumption that it would help kids fight cavities.

There's a million-large bandwagon of people ready to post about stuff like this and get the word out that even tolerable levels of this kind of stuff is included in their kids' food intentionally. Naturally occurring, sure, you can't shame an apple tree. But you can shame a company. And believe it or not, they're paying very close attention to what people post on socnets.

Comment Early corporate boardroom conversation leak (Score 1) 163 163

PERSON 1: "Well, you know we can always use natural sources for color."
PERSON 2: "But we've always used petroleum-based colors in our cereals."
PERSON 1: "It would probably cut back on all of the side effects our internal studies have proven, like increased obesity, hypertension disorder, ADD..."
PERSON 2: "But it still costs more."
PERSON 1: "Well....I can get some numbers togeth..."
PERSON 2: "Let's go to lunch, I know a really good Hooters just down the street."
PERSON 1: "....Ok."

Comment Take humans out of the equation already! (Score 1) 142 142

I'm sick of all the fees, insurances, registrations, etc. needed just to drive a fucking car. I also don't want to take it even further and have a car that's monitoring my fucking body. Jesus, let's get rid of the human factor that's creating nothing but a financial burden on those who commute.

Can we just come up with a method of transportation that relies on a (very, very, very well tested) network of systems that direct traffic and control vehicles? I don't care if it's a self driving car, a rail/conveyer system that uses the horribly ineffective carpool lanes that latches onto cars' tow clips, or a ski-lift style system suspended above roads that zip individuals around, or an "order-a-drone" program where you can fly in an (otherwise unmanned) drone and control source+destination with an app...speed trains, ....I could probably think of more. The point is, with 19 years of heavy driving experience all around California, I have come to the conclusion that a well developed, automated vehicle control + transportation system would probably yield far less (fatal or otherwise) accidents on the roadways. If we can create a network switch that allows billions of individual packets through without collisions, we can surely do the same with this.

Besides, I want my commute time to be relaxing and not have to have my brain be alert for the critical job of driving safely. Hell, I want to (legally) have a beer (or 3) on my way home and text at the same time. I want to call my wife and talk with my kids without pausing to have to honk and call 9-1-1 at some drunk moron in front of me crossing over the double yellow line, putting MY life in danger. I want to lie down and take a nap. I want wifi, too.

Comment Back in MY day... (Score 1) 141 141

We signed a sheet of paper with our names for reduced price lunch. The school lunch person who stood there got to know the kids with reduced price lunch and knew that if suddenly some kid that she never saw before put his/her name down, they would check another sheet of paper to make sure they were on the list.

Not sure what's changed in the lunchroom since then that requires such elaborate identification methods.

Comment Re:As an unemployed (Score 1) 298 298

...all of it's sociopaths, criminals, and other assorted "unpleasant people"

That would be a LOT of people.

Which raises the question, why are do many people in the U.S. turn out to fit this description? And how can it be reversed so maybe they can concentrate on defending their home turf instead of policing the rest of the world?

Comment Likely more stressed out (Score 1) 298 298

Are the people in the areas that drones are constantly flying over, monitoring, and bombing.

I'm sure the innocents that have lost a mother, a child or a friend can understand the drone pilots' stress too, though.

Hey I know, how about we go back a few steps and realize that killing, no matter how you do it, is stressful? Why should it matter how you do it? The psychological impact that knowing you have killed someone, especially an innocent(s), probably doesn't differ *that* much. You still have to go to sleep with that thought in your head every night.

Comment Re:Creative Commons revolution (Score 1) 389 389

If they do that and suddenly a cover of one of their songs breaks through, they won't see a penny of it.

This is false. The CC BY 4.0 International license *requires* any derivative works, covers, etc. to attribute the original artist. Not attributing the original artist is basis for legal action. This ensures whoever did the hard work creating the song someone else may be covering gets their spotlight as well. For example, people who hear a cover by some famous person will likely want to check out the original song. This is exposure. Exposure is the first step in someone becoming a fan and purchasing your music.

Creative Commons licensing doesn't take away copyright from the rightful owner(s). It enhances their potential for distribution in the digital age.


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