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Comment Call for mass-forking of Android (Score 1, Insightful) 123

One of the great strengths of GNU/Linux is its diversity. Like biological life, it is constantly changing, morphing and becoming something new. And also like biological life, constantly changing helps protect against "bad stuff".

I hereby call for a "fork-fest" of Android - everybody make your own distribution of Android, remove code, add code, make it different. Android is sort of lip-service to the open source ecosystem. I'm not saying that this vulnerability is a result of that lip service, but I'd really like to see many, many other versions of Android out there - it's inevitable that the whole will become stronger because of it.

Because if everyone ate the same food we'd all probably die from the next super-virus that makes its rounds.

Comment Seeing this "$Windows.~BT" hidden folder now (Score 3, Informative) 867

I usually install "Optional" Windows updates as part of my preventive maintenance routine with my clients. I was taken off guard when I saw this suspicious looking folder. After a second of research I found it was the Windows 10 install files, which I never asked for (my clients always defer things like that to me).

Along with some other questionable optional Win7 updates as of late (like the one that tracks you akin to Win10), I'm wondering whether I need to research each individual update now before installing it. Fuck, Microsoft. Why do you have to make my job even more time consuming than it already is just keeping your damn OS running correctly?

Comment The Unofficial Smilie Face Glossary (Score 2) 264

This was pretty much the definitive list of what later became known as Emojis - The Unofficial Smilie Face Glossary. Even this was excessive and most weren't used besides :-) or >:-). Later on, most people dropped the nose, resulting in :) . As technology became more mainstream, for some reason some dumbasses thought it would be cool to have graphical smilies replace what people had created as an artistic expression using standard ascii, and in some cases upper-ascii and even ANSi on BBSes. BBSers used to customize smilies to try and stay away from the current "mainstream"... Perhaps they thought conveying emotions with smilies had become too standardized and didn't reflect them as an individual. Favorites of mine were :>, =), and most recently =} , all of which somehow get eaten up by my phone and turned into graphical pieces of garbage. I just want my smilies. That's it. Now get off my damn lawn.

Comment Re:I think it's hilarious and ironic Facebook (Score 1) 220

My sentiments exactly. I have the Flash plugin 'Ask to activate' and on FB, videos won't even try to play. The bar doesn't even pop up, like it does on other sites. I switch to 'Always Activate' and it works. =/

Flash needs to die. It's incredibly insecure, unstable and a total resource hog. It has no place in 2015.

Comment Re:Got e-mail this morning from mail.whitehouse.go (Score 1) 608

You may not agree with it, but as judges have ruled on it, it is a matter of law.

I don't consider a law that attempts to supersede the Constitution valid. Sure, the Patriot Act may be considered law at this moment in time but it's quite obvious the document is in harsh conflict with the founding legal document of the nation, which I also consider law. So let them bicker back and forth in the courts about which law is more valid, personally I'm going to say, "The Constitution is".

Comment Got e-mail this morning from mail.whitehouse.gov (Score 5, Insightful) 608

My e-mail response this morning from info@mail.whitehouse.gov regarding the Snowden pardon petition: "We live in a dangerous world. We continue to face grave security threats like terrorism, cyber-attacks, and nuclear proliferation that our intelligence community must have all the lawful tools it needs to address."

You mean in addition to the unlawful ones?

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