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Comment: Re:flat as a pancake: invasion pending (Score 1) 224

by TheDarkMaster (#49770021) Attached to: Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10
Uhh... The Metro, "intuitive"? Are you smoking crack? Clean it is, after all is difficult to be more "clean" than a plain pastel-colored rectangle with some text. "Aesthetically pleasing"? Bah, just look for a few seconds to realize that the real reason is laziness/lack of time to do something more elaborate than pure rectangles with some text (good UI elements are a art and good art is HARD).

Trust me, when I make a button using "flat elements" is because I have no time to make a more elaborate button that is appropriately represented in several resolutions and can be resized, I'm deliberately compromising the elegance in exchange for facilities on a limited UI or limited time. Now want to justify such a decision with "easy plain dumb rectangle is more elegant" is simply ridiculous.

P.S: Just between us, even when I have to do something as soon as possible I give myself the trouble to do something more decent than damn rectangles without even edges to serve as buttons as they are doing in interfaces like the Lollipop crap (Android 5.0).

Comment: Re:flat as a pancake: invasion pending (Score 1) 224

by TheDarkMaster (#49768201) Attached to: Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10
My guess is that this is an invasion of "design experts" who have zero ability to make a beautiful and usable UI element at the same time. Or if you prefer, is plain incompetence in an area where the subject needs to be an artist. For example, why my Windows icons cannot be like this ones? Everaldo Coelho (the designer of my example link) is too expensive for Microsoft?

Comment: Re:what might go wrong (Score 1) 118

You did not understand what I meant. A cheap SoC is okay if you have a good OS to put on it, and a toy OS such as FirefoxOS is usable if you have hardware to throw on it. The problem happens when you have the combination of a bad OS and a cheap SoC, then you're asking for trouble. As for upgrades, see the trouble with Android and Samsung cellphones for example.

Comment: Re:Automation and outsourcing (Score 1) 204

Answer me one thing. If you want to be a simple explorer in WoW (and engage in casual quest unintentionally), you can do this without having to spend many weeks "grinding" to have the minimum of the minimum to be able to go around exploring without getting killed in seconds? And you can avoid (hopefully, ignore) the retarded brats who infest every MMO? I usually ignore MMOs for not have as much free time as they require and not find any fun in grinding.

Comment: Re:Aliens!!!! (Score 1) 78

This. I fully agree, it would be a welcome twist in our history. I initially thought it was ice, but according to the information so far is something that is in the same place for too long to be ice (sublimation, sun hitting, etc). Then it is more likely to be another highly reflective material (and note that he appears to created the crater) , so I thought what kind of natural materials would be so reflective that way. It seems to me almost pure or polished metal, would be one of NASA discarded rocket stages that ended up hitting Ceres? Or ... is some kind of rocket, but not from us? :-)

Comment: Re:Inconsistent (Score 1) 860

by TheDarkMaster (#49683569) Attached to: Religious Affiliation Shrinking In the US
Well, I for myself do not need a deity to keep me "in line", I am quite responsible for my actions and I would like to believe I'm not the only one (but see my nickname, maybe the problem is that I'm not really human ;-)). If a person needs to be coerced 24/7 to be a good person by a higher, all-powerfull authority, it will have serious trouble getting to live in society.

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