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Comment: Re:No more "Cloud", please (Score 1) 58

Nothing is stopping people writing desktop applications. Are you just annoyed that people are choosing cloud services out of convenience?

No. My fear is that they end up trying to implement the "cloud" in anything and everything just because it's "cool", no matter the consequences. Just imagine: Windows depending on the cloud to work, Linux too, Eclipse refusing to work unless you have a connection all the time with a cloud, Photoshop or GIMP refusing to save your images in any other place than a cloud, Word or LibreOffice refusing to save your files because you are offline. Everyone embarking on the cloud hype without worrying about what happens when you lost your connection.

Comment: Re:I hope it dies down... (Score 2) 58

I know, my patience is running out for this hype. And my fear is that this gets to a point where applications you need to work (or operating systems) begins to stop working without "cloud" services and reliable 24/7 internet connections that simply do not exist everywhere in my country. And I will not even get into the subject of the serious security breach that is trusting critical data to third-party "cloud" servers on which you have no control.

Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide 789

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snydeq writes The battle over systemd exposes a fundamental gap between the old Unix guard and a new guard of Linux developers and admins, writes Deep End's Paul Venezia. "Last week I posted about the schism brewing over systemd and the curiously fast adoption of this massive change to many Linux distributions. If there's one thing that systemd does extremely well, it is to spark heated discussions that devolve into wild, teeth-gnashing rants from both sides. Clearly, systemd is a polarizing subject. If nothing else, that very fact should give one pause. Fundamental changes in the structure of most Linux distributions should not be met with such fervent opposition. It indicates that no matter how reasonable a change may seem, if enough established and learned folks disagree with the change, then perhaps it bears further inspection before going to production. Clearly, that hasn't happened with systemd."

Numerous Methane Leaks Found On Atlantic Sea Floor 272

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sciencehabit writes Researchers have discovered 570 plumes of methane percolating up from the sea floor off the eastern coast of the United States, a surprisingly high number of seeps in a relatively quiescent part of the ocean. The seeps suggest that methane's contribution to climate change has been underestimated in some models. And because most of the seeps lie at depths where small changes in temperature could be releasing the methane, it is possible that climate change itself could be playing a role in turning some of them on.

Robo Brain Project Wants To Turn the Internet Into a Robotic Hivemind 108

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malachiorion writes Researchers are force-feeding the internet into a system called Robo Brain. The system has absorbed a billion images and 120,000 YouTube videos so far, and aims to digest 10 times that within a year, in order to create machine-readable commands for robots—how to pour coffee, for example. From the article: "The goal is as direct as the project’s name—to create a centralized, always-online brain for robots to tap into. The more Robo Brain learns from the internet, the more direct lessons it can share with connected machines. How do you turn on a toaster? Robo Brain knows, and can share 3D images of the appliance and the relevant components. It can tell a robot what a coffee mug looks like, and how to carry it by the handle without dumping the contents. It can recognize when a human is watching a television by gauging relative positions, and advise against wandering between the two. Robo Brain looks at a chair or a stool, and knows that these are things that people sit on. It’s a system that understands context, and turns complex associations into direct commands for physical robots."

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