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Pluto Probe Back To Normal, Cause of Snafu Found 76 76

Tablizer writes: NASA has provided an update to the problem with the New Horizons probe that will fly by Pluto next week. "The investigation into the anomaly that caused New Horizons to enter "safe mode" on July 4 has concluded that no hardware or software fault occurred on the spacecraft. The underlying cause of the incident was a hard-to-detect timing flaw in the spacecraft command sequence that occurred during an operation to prepare for the close flyby. No similar operations are planned for the remainder of the Pluto encounter.

Comment: Re:Brazilian evangelicals are for cows. (Score 2) 250 250

For (useless or funny, your decide) information, never trust the google translator for grammar and spelling. where it says "vocês todos são vacas. vacas dizer mú", the correct form is "Todos vocês são vacas. Vacas dizem mú". The english->portuguese translation from Google is shit.

Comment: Re:The Nature of Central Banks (Score 1) 359 359

Note that you infuriated one bankster with mod points. And I find interesting the number of people who ignore this fact, or who are trained to ignore. The central bank of my country is still from the country, but it's been a few decades that we have traitors (trained by the banksters of course) trying to force the government to give "independence" for the central bank.

Comment: Re:You think Greeks want MORE electronic money? (Score 1) 359 359

"...inflation and debt based currency is an insidious trap used to enslave all of us..."

You said everything. The problem is that everyone has been long, long ago indoctrinated to accept this as normal and do not think about the real consequences, especially the fact that those who have control over these debts (and therefore the power to create money) have power over the world.

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