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Sony Leaks Reveal Hollywood Is Trying To Break DNS 388

Posted by Soulskill
from the scorched-net-policy dept.
schwit1 sends this report from The Verge: Most anti-piracy tools take one of two paths: they either target the server that's sharing the files (pulling videos off YouTube or taking down sites like The Pirate Bay) or they make it harder to find (delisting offshore sites that share infringing content). But leaked documents reveal a frightening line of attack that's currently being considered by the MPAA: What if you simply erased any record that the site was there in the first place? To do that, the MPAA's lawyers would target the Domain Name System that directs traffic across the internet.

The tactic was first proposed as part of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in 2011, but three years after the law failed in Congress, the MPAA has been looking for legal justification for the practice in existing law and working with ISPs like Comcast to examine how a system might work technically. If a takedown notice could blacklist a site from every available DNS provider, the URL would be effectively erased from the internet. No one's ever tried to issue a takedown notice like that, but this latest memo suggests the MPAA is looking into it as a potentially powerful new tool in the fight against piracy.

Comment: Re: Of Course It Was (Score 1) 355

by TheDarkMaster (#48508415) Attached to: James Watson's Nobel Prize Goes On Auction This Week
It is because of comments like yours that the subject is taboo. I could never genuinely investigate why this group or that group are more successful without some lunatic appearing immediately and saying that I want to "justify" the supremacy of the group X or Y.. I, for myself, do not have any interest in these petty "race supremacy wars" from humans, I want to to understand the reasons of the underdevelopment to be able to fix them if I ever find the cause of it, NOT to justify someone's political agenda.

Comment: Re:Is it true... (Score 1) 355

by TheDarkMaster (#48507475) Attached to: James Watson's Nobel Prize Goes On Auction This Week
Well, this is really off-topic but is interesting to explain to you why this particular plan worked. The plan worked because he killed the inertial inflation, a very serious, cancerous problem on Brazil some time ago. Brazilian traders also were (and still are) extremely corrupt and greedy, raising prices every fucking day if they had nothing to stop them... The plan also killed this fundamental point by allowing the Brazilians like me to buy cheap overseas, forcing local merchants to sell at lower prices or having to file for bankruptcy. This killed one of the biggest motivators for the hyperinflation.

But it is a pity that the next government threw most of it away when leave Real depreciate. Because when the government did it, he has made foreign goods expensive again and it left the door open for our merchants (who still corrupt and very, very greedy) start all over again.

Comment: Re:Is it true... (Score 1) 355

by TheDarkMaster (#48506469) Attached to: James Watson's Nobel Prize Goes On Auction This Week
Brazil, my country, also also had several problems with dictators, overthrown governments and empires trying to make my country in their backyard. But despite that we are in a much better situation than Africa. Why? Notice, we also have corruption in generous quantities.

The question of the AC is valid, period. As always the devil lives in the details, and usually the texts on the subject forget that this question of intelligence (and perhaps racial differences) is only part of the problem alone does not answer the greater question.

I've never been canoeing before, but I imagine there must be just a few simple heuristics you have to remember... Yes, don't fall out, and don't hit rocks.