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Comment: Re:Subs as aircraft carriers (Score 1) 74

What the problem is with the attitude of you? Did I offend your mother given the level of aggression that I see in the way you write? Look, read again what I wrote. I even said that no one has yet built one for not having idea how to do, but that does not mean that therefore the idea "is completely impossible and anyone who says otherwise is a fool". Geez! Only because you do not know how to do, so nobody can do? I also do not know how to make one, but I do not arrogantly assume that therefore no one can.

Comment: Re:Subs as aircraft carriers (Score 1) 74

Looks like you are yet another troll... Say to me where is a attack nuclear submarine on patrol on this moment, smartass. Is a bit more difficult than you think to find one, why do you think a submarine aircraft carrier will be much easier to find than an conventional aircraft carrier?

Comment: Re:Subs as aircraft carriers (Score 1) 74

well, I think you do not really get the idea. The purpose of a submarine like this is be able to deliver their aircraft close to the enemy without being seen, launch the attack (which will appear to have come out of nowhere, with little or no warning) and then leave again without being seen. A conventional aircraft carrier would have to navigate to the enemy being visible all the time before he could launch their aircraft, same for a aircraft using mid-air refueling.

The only problem with the idea is that nobody knows (yet?) how to make a submarine large enough to carry a reasonable number of aircraft and able to launch/recover them fast enough to avoid getting too long on the surface.

Comment: Re: I like this guy but... (Score 1) 437

by TheDarkMaster (#49587439) Attached to: Rand Paul Moves To Block New "Net Neutrality" Rules
People are very, very dumb and short in memory. Recently in my country the state governor ordered the police to attack thousands of protesters, who in the last election voted for this governor and will continue voting for this same governor in the upcoming election. How? He just have to blame the workers 'party (the opposition) and the people here are indoctrinated to hate the workers' party in any situation.

Comment: Re:This move is rational for a public company (Score 1) 630

by TheDarkMaster (#49584609) Attached to: Disney Replaces Longtime IT Staff With H-1B Workers
The little problem with this plan is that in the long run you will create a big mass of people unable to buy the products you manufacture, and without buyers what happens to your company? Consumers are not created from the void, they are the exact same people who work to raise money and so they can afford buying products. With no employees earning well you do not have customers.

Comment: Re:I like Ken... (Score 1) 630

by TheDarkMaster (#49584515) Attached to: Disney Replaces Longtime IT Staff With H-1B Workers
find me another country that offers anything close to this h1b bullshit to foreigners coming to their shores to work. name one country - just one - that thinks its own citizens should be 2nd to 'guest workers'.

Brazil. Here whe have a thing called "terceirização" (outsourcing, more or less). The primary employer pays to a third party who has a group of employees working on demand, where these employees receive as little as possible to maximize profits for the third party employing them. And like the H1B, if the employee complains he is fired with any pratical protections

Comment: Google+ is a privacy nigthmare (Score 3, Interesting) 359

by TheDarkMaster (#49558913) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed
Google+ failed miserably because no one wants every single video you saw listed for the whole world, 90% of the population does not want to show to the whole world what books you read, what pages you have visited or Android applications that you use. Hell, I'm not even sure if the hangout messages are really reserved for participants! Add it the fact that the interface is shit apparently made by trainees (probably the same idiots who made the "material style" on the Android Lollipop), and it's clear why this crap failed.

ISS Could Be Fitted With Lasers To Shoot Down Space Junk 167

Posted by samzenpus
from the point-and-shoot dept.
An anonymous reader writes Japan's Riken research institute has suggested a new idea for dealing with space junk. They say a fiber optic laser mounted onto the International Space Station could blast debris out of the sky. From the article: "To combat the increasingly dense layer of dead satellites and miscellaneous space debris that are enshrouding our planet, no idea — nets, lassos, even ballistic gas clouds — seems too far-fetched to avoid. Now, an international team of researchers led by Japan's Riken research institute has put forward what may be the most ambitious plan to date. They propose blasting an estimated 3,000 tons of space junk out of orbit with a fiber optic laser mounted on the International Space Station."

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