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Comment Re:Take it from me (Score 1) 606

Uh... I think I was not clear enough ... I know all that you described, I went through all of these topics. What bothers me is that I have spent a good time memorizing something that I ended up using to nothing, and if I ever needed it I could just get a book about the topic (remember, I know the basics). I have spent too much time studying advanced mathematics when I could have given more attention to logic and more pratical day-to-day topics.

Comment Re: Poor example (Score 1) 437

Hum... You are this dumb? Interesting. Repeat after me: Where is marked as a school zone, drive slow and cautious because children on the road are to be expected. Where is not marked as school zone, drive respecting the local speed limit and rules (or in another words, not a school zone). Is this hard?

Comment Re: Poor example (Score 1) 437

Oh, a "smartass". If you want a version for dummies, it is "you think school areas always have set time to be effective, but here is not that way." I beg a thousand pardons if English is too crap to properly represent a complex sentence thought out and written in Portuguese.

Comment Re: Poor example (Score 1) 437

Oh boy, another one with interpretation difficulties... To the point: The school zones here CAN NOT be deactivated, period. The problem is that always appears an idiot saying it can go running in the area because he would only need to drive slowly on the departure time of children, but at least in my country that is not true and for good reason (for one, you will never be sure you will not have children walking on the street at any time). Try to stop at 60km/h to avoid hitting a child and you WILL discover why you should drive slow in this situation.

Comment Re: Poor example (Score 1) 437

Hummm... The official rules or your "rules of the road"? For your information in my country you must (by law) drive slowly when you are in a school zone, no matter if she is deactivated or not. More than a smart ass here tried to use your argument and as a result they took heavy fines

Comment Re:Poor example (Score 2) 437

And here comes a "superdriver", AC of course... Boy, keep in mind that the Google cars are EXPERIMENTAL, that is, for very good reason they can not go around flying low as you think is "normal". And to be honest, if you are one of those who can not bear to drive slowly behind another car when it is necessary (lack of patience and lack of respect for others), you should not even be behind the wheel.

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