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Comment Re:I work in online advertising (Score 1) 243

Hum... A few suggestions for you. The first and most fundamental is to try to prevent your ad can run any script, so even if it is malicious it will not be able to do anything, I do not believe that an ad with animations and sounds to be more effective than a simple link or a still image.

Second, you know those ads that offer X but clicking on them you are directed to Y? Avoid them as if they were radioactive. No more annoying thing for a user to click on a picture thinking it will for one thing (the download you want) and actually is redirected to something else unrelated.

Third, do not accept ads of suspicious companies like "CleanMyPC" simply not worth it. It is the main reason I block ads, advertisements that offer really suspicious programs and often try to pretend they are the links to the content I really want to see.

Comment Re:Why does he waste his time? (Score 1) 168

I'm probably being naive here, but are not putting complexity where it does not exist? If you have a book and dismantle it so far as to undo it in their atoms, I do not see how you would be able to preserve how the atoms were linked to form the book (you will have just a bunch of atoms from many elements). And why the atoms that make up the book would cease to exist if the book were swallowed by a black hole? The "book" (your atoms) would still be inside the black hole, rather than "cease to exist" he was now simply inaccessible to us.

Comment Re:So now we have a new paradox... (Score 1) 168

I find interesting how your analogy of the egg is much more useful to the subject than the stupid thing to call "information" not caring about the context (thus making everyone think that the information would be something like a text message or a signal TV). Who had this stupid idea to call it "information"?

Comment Re:Windows 10, it's free (Score 1) 318

Well, look... I tryed Windows 10 at home (using a VM), tryed hard. And my honest conclusion is that the new GUI is a fucking, steaming piece of shit!! It is even worse than the ridiculous Android lollipop GUI!! Who are the asshole in charge of the visual design department at Microsoft these days? A monkey? The code under the hood can be excellent, but the interface to interact with it is so bad that even makes my eyes bleed!

Comment Re:How did these idiots catch anyone? (Score 3, Interesting) 282

It is important to note that normally this type of agent does not care if what he is doing makes sense. What matters to him is to ensure that the lie told by his boss to be accepted as absolute truth at all costs. It's the same in my country, I live seeing people being bombarded by things so absurd that you would find that they are lobotomized, and yet they not only believe in such absurdities as still harm you if you say something against.

Comment Re:Stupid story stays stupid (Score 1) 732

"First shoot down the dangerous enemies with long range AAM, then the rest with short range AAM before they get a single shot at you"

If you can. Americans "experts" always ignore that the enemy may be able to evade all its missiles or most of them, the enemy pilots will not sit around being targets.

Comment Most ads are pure shit (Score 1) 528

Let's see. In most sites I visit, I noticed that most of the content is tied to ads functions or unknow "affiliate sites". Usually I count more than ten scripts whose function is unclear at least and the overwhelming majority of ads shown is in the style of "Clean My PC" shit. And still they have the courage to complain when I block mercilessly this malware vector?

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