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Comment: Re:I'm calling BS (Score 1) 374

by TheCoop1984 (#27784617) Attached to: Forensics Tool Finds Headerless Encrypted Files
There is a problem with this - it forces a hole in the 'plausible deniability' defence. Really, how many people keep bits of /dev/random data lying around on the filesystem? Having this tool 'officially' point out that it is random data means the police can ask you, however impolitely, for the encryption keys (UK encryption key laws...). And you don't really have a defence for that, as what are the chances of it _actually_ being completely random data?

+ - Phorm colluded with UK Home Office

Submitted by
TheCoop1984 writes "The BBC reveals how, since August 2007, officials at the Home Office sent draft guidance to Phorm for comments before it was released to the public. Some of the documents were even edited by Phorm before being sent back. The government may have just lost what little integrity it had long has the UK government been colluding with Phorm and other commercial companies about guidance issued by the government?"

Comment: Functional programming language first (Score 1) 452

by TheCoop1984 (#25342397) Attached to: How Should I Teach a Basic Programming Course?
At my university, we started off on ML (the functional programming language). This very quickly introduced the concept of a function as a repeatable series of instructions that could be called several times - for a functional programming language, it is almost essential to call the same function several times. This also introduced recursion and types (as part of the compiler type inference) very quickly, something which is probably quite hard for people to grasp.

The only other courses in the first term was digital electronics and pure mathmatics courses. Only in the second term was Java introduced as the perennial OOP/procedural language. I think we've got one of the lowest dropout rates in the country (but don't quote me on that).

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