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Comment: Re:On US 101? Irresponsible (Score 1) 293

by TheClarkster (#35389796) Attached to: Google Cars Drive Themselves, In Traffic
So you are saying that driving instructors are also just as irresponsible as they are taking out 16 year olds who have never driven before? Endangering the other drivers! Some of those cars they use don't even have a brake on the instructor's side, let alone a steering wheel. So much more irresponsible compared to Google's car it seems.

Comment: Pretty sure this can't happen to my phone. (Score 1) 279

by TheClarkster (#35344362) Attached to: Infected Androids Run Up Big Texting Bills
To be infected you have to go into settings and approve non-market installation, browse to a Chinese site, download their market installer, install it, find the Steamy Windows app, say okay to the permission window where it says it can send text messages that may cost you money, and then open it? I'd say Android is still pretty safe.

Comment: Re:Why? WHY??? (Score 2, Informative) 122

by TheClarkster (#34197612) Attached to: FCC Investigating Google Street View Wi-Fi Data Collection
The software they used was had a log of the traffic data. They did not know about it, they didn't plan to collect it. And the moment they found out about it they told everyone. If they had just silently deleted it no one would have known. But Google felt it was best to be open about their mistake.

Comment: Re:And whose fault is it, really? (Score 1) 157

by TheClarkster (#33990578) Attached to: Google Admits To Collecting Emails and Passwords
They knew exactly what was in it, and when they found out they immediately released a statement and told everyone. They said they already fixed the problem and wouldn't capture that data anymore, and that they were deleting everything already collected. Then suddenly governments everywhere were saying, don't you dare delete it, we need that as evidence to sue you and further our political careers!

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