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Comment "Grandfathered" (Score 1) 176

Used to mean the price was the same too. AT&T has been telling people they're tethering on their unlimited plan to boot them (even though there is no proof in many cases), Verizon is upping the price of their unlimited grandfathered plan to get people to switch to a more lucrative plan for the company, and then there are T-Mobile and Sprint. T-Mobile changed their unlimited policy to not raise when they throttled data and only during heavy load times, and Sprint has unlimited everything for like what $50? You can really see that if AT&T merged with T-Mobile those customers would have been a lot worse off. I used to have T-Mobile when I got back from Germany (it was Voicestream then) and when I turned on my Tri-Band Motorola their name came up so I signed up. It was great and I only switched off to AT&T for the iPhone 3G. It was worth it cause of my companies AT&T discount, now when my contract ends and my family members on my plan get off to another one I'm getting a dumb phone, not sure which carrier I'll move to, but I'm done with smartphones. The only smartphone I'd stay for is the new Windows 10 phones with continuum, but since I hardly ever use more than a tablet at home (on a computer all day at work) I don't really have the need for a PC/Phone. But a week long battery life with a dumb phone is the way to go for me in the future I think. I'll probably use my 1520 as a GPS after that since all the maps are saved to it (I did that to save on data usage and to have faster load times).

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