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Comment: Between consumers and developers (Score 1) 188

by tepples (#48926425) Attached to: Why Screen Lockers On X11 Cannot Be Secure

Desktops are better suited for developers and smart phones are better suited to consumers.

Then what's better for people in the middle? They're not "developers" because they are not directly involved in the production of computer programs, but they're not "consumers" because they do not exclusively view works created by others. Besides, schoolchildren are "developers" in training now that "introduction to computer science" has been added to high school curricula.

Comment: Cost; exclusive applications (Score 1) 193

by tepples (#48925155) Attached to: The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One

Why pay $500 for an iPad that can only do a small number of things if you could get a Surfrace Pro that can do so much more

Because the Surface Pro 3 costs even more than an iPad Air, though a Transformer Book or Nextbook is cheaper. And there are plenty of applications that are on iOS but not Windows, such as games and messaging applications. If the game you want to play is exclusive to iOS, or the family member with whom you wish to communicate uses a proprietary instant messaging application that is available only for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, then a Surface Pro isn't going to be the best choice.

Comment: Kindle != Kindle (Score 1) 193

by tepples (#48925103) Attached to: The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One

Of course, my Nook (and I'm pretty sure Kindle these days) is basically an Android Tablet when all is said and done....

True, Kindle Fire is a tablet running the Fire OS distribution of Android. But I think tlhIngan was contrasting tablets with the e-ink Kindle readers, which are more like the Nook Simple Touch.

Comment: Rent a truck, rent a PC (Score 1) 193

by tepples (#48925073) Attached to: The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One

You have a smartphone, you have a tablet, and you have the PC.

Except some people don't have the PC. Instead of engaging in productive activities that work better on a PC, they do without. One user predicted that this would happen in five years, but it's happening now.

the laptop too big and heavy and uncomfortable

Even a 10" laptop like the "netbooks" that were in fashion from 2008 to 2012?

Jobs even did the mandatory car analogy - the PC is a truck - a very versatile vehicle that can do tons of things, but to be honest, there are times when a car is far better.

To complete this analogy, someone who can use a car most of the time and only occasionally needs to do these "tons of things" can rent a truck, such as a moving truck from U-Haul or a pickup truck from The Home Depot. Is there a comparable PC rental ecosystem?

Comment: They shot first (Score 5, Insightful) 264

by Anrego (#48924265) Attached to: Justice Department: Default Encryption Has Created a 'Zone of Lawlessness'

They shot first, they eroded the trust to a point where people, not criminals or terrorists or pedophiles but ordinary law abiding people have stood up and said "we don't trust the government any more, nor the systems in place to protect our privacy, and so we have to take it into our own hands."

The proliferation of wide spread encryption is almost a direct result of actions by the NSA, FBI, and friends. They brought this on themselves. If they want people to once again accept them as partners in protecting their rights rather than adversaries, they need to regain the trust they've lost.

Comment: Mobile game control on flat glass (Score 2) 208

by tepples (#48923345) Attached to: YouTube Ditches Flash For HTML5 Video By Default

without bloating them by a factor of 10 by rendering them to WebM?

Many of the non-interactive videos can be found on Youtube now

That's what I was trying to avoid.

Similarly, most of the game concepts have been replicated in one way or another to various mobile devices.

Many of the mouse-based ones have. But the keyboard-based ones, like the falling object parkour game Tetris'd , wouldn't port very well to an input device that's a flat sheet of glass. I haven't seen a smartphone with a built-in gamepad other than perhaps the outdated, overpriced Xperia Play.

Comment: Describe the goal, not the step (Score 2) 208

by tepples (#48923223) Attached to: YouTube Ditches Flash For HTML5 Video By Default

Don't just pretend that your question was always "What authoring tools do I have?" when your question WAS "What do I use instead?".

I was trying to avoid causing the XY problem by asking for tools to perform a step toward the wrong goal. Asking "What are usable authoring tools for animated SVG?" isn't helpful when animated SVG itself isn't a viable technology. So instead, I first asked for the right goal (what tech) and followed up by asking for the right step (what authoring tools). My question in full could have been phrased more formally as follows: "What is the most viable technology to replace SWF, and what are usable authoring tools for said technology whatever it might be?" What is the correct etiquette for asking a question contingent on another question?

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