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Comment: Re:If it's not like Vista or 8.0 (Vista II)... (Score 1) 541

by TheBilgeRat (#47928589) Attached to: What To Expect With Windows 9

Is it really that hard to try KDE and Gnome? Those are the only two anyone should bother with if they want a modern DE experience on linux (you could toss XFCE in there as well, but the only decent XFCE implementation OOTB is Xubuntu, and people love to hate on Ubuntu, so...). They are also very polished for the most part.

What you are REALLY paying for with Windows and Mac is tight, (usually) drama free hardware interface. When you think of how much black-boxing has to go on to get basic things running smoothly on Linux its amazing it runs at all.

Comment: Re:its the cops, not the cameras. (Score 0) 170

by TheBilgeRat (#47834669) Attached to: NYPD Starts Body Camera Pilot Program

...Strapping a camera to a police officer at this point is moot. its designed to deflect attention from the routine use of disproportionate force against the citizens theyre charged with protecting. the actual issue the NYPD needs to deal with is either burned out or unfit for duty officers. Rookies fresh from Afghanistan and 10 year veterans with a calloused trigger finger need training, counseling, and support to help correct a systemic 'us vesus them' mentality. PTSD evaluations and regular, significant performance reviews should be a part of every officers career and something the police union should champion first. Strapping a go-pro to your departments beat-cops will result in either a glut of abuse evidence or no footage at all. Do not promote unfit officers to higher ranks either; the glut of stonewalled or ignored FOIA requests is evidence this is a bad practice.

I wish I had mod points today, so I'll just settle for a reqoute and a THIS. THIS for days.

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by TheBilgeRat (#47758245) Attached to: California Passes Law Mandating Smartphone Kill Switch

I was more interested in your accusations of white noise defeating teh true champions of teh true freedombs, and who these knights of purity might be holding back the inevitable tide of stupidity and reductionism. As a few have pointed out, giving a clause to allow law enforcement to shut off phones is going to lead to it being abused. Will it happen EVERY SINGLE TIME?!!!!111 Of course not. It will, however, happen too often - and especially at times when it would be most useful to have said phone working.

But please, educate us simpletons on the complexities and nuance surrounding the need for the state to legitimately shut off citizens telephones. I'm sure your responses will be enlightening.

Comment: Re:The worrisome part (Score 1) 233

by TheBilgeRat (#47757597) Attached to: California Passes Law Mandating Smartphone Kill Switch

And that attitude is exactly why we can safely take your opinion, and ignore it.

You seem to think cynicism is inherently reasonable and sane, and thus end up believe absurd bullshit in the name of pragmatism. You don't recognize that this isn't informed from any sort of careful study, but instead kind of boring extrapolation of the media notable times that the rule-of-law doesn't hold up.

You don't (mentally) live in a world where almost every single person accused of a crime in the US gets a trial. With a jury of their peers. And a chance to appeal if due process isn't followed. Your brain lives in an alternate reality, where all power is abused at all times, because that makes you smarter than everyone else. More clever, seeing the things that "those dullards" or whatever don't.

It is true that every power that's granted to government in a liberal democracy needs watchdogs, and alert citizenry. You seem to mistake that duty with an obligation to condemn socially useful features of government out of paranoid fear. What you're actually doing is creating a lot of white noise to distract from those who are doing their proper duty, looking out for real abuses. You aren't helping.

Wow. So, in your pretend alternate reality world, the police never EVER abuse the laws we have today?

It takes very little effort to realize that the most useful and needed excuse to shut down cell phones by the police will be to prevent citizens from recording their behavior in the absence of police body cams.

who are these "proper" people looking out for "real" abuses?

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Anecdote time: I have a sysadmin friend who manages a regionally successful food chains POS machines. When trying to upgrade the system he recently pushed to adopt a SQL database and a proper web interface for it, all running Linux (They were/are just dumping data into excel spreadsheets). The managements response? "Why would we want to run that communist software?"

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