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Comment: Re: Not ready for primetime (Score 4, Informative) 765

by TheBilgeRat (#49198193) Attached to: Ubuntu To Officially Switch To systemd Next Monday
Seriously? Puppet Labs has supported it for 5 years now. Managing a slackware sever or servers is no harder or easier than any other one. Now, if you're hand rolling special snowflakes and have no strategy to manage them, sure. But that would be true for any distro or OS.

Comment: Re:I agree with stop & frisk... (Score 1) 481

...mainly because the US African American community has major cultural issues with broken families and an habitual acceptance of criminality that not enough of them are trying to fix internally. HOWEVER:...

It doesn't really matter what comes after "however". You've pretty much stated your case with "I am for unconstitutional searches of black people because I believe that they are inherently criminals."

Comment: Re:How about teaching civility? (Score 1) 481

How about teaching the police to stand up against laws that are unconstitutional? How about teaching police not to reach for their guns when they see black kids? If you don't think there's a problem of police on black crime, then you have been missing the news for the last 200 some years.

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