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Comment Re:Yawn... (Score 1) 226

Interesting articles, and thanks for posting them, but I wonder about this from the OP article: “From the beginning I offered simple solutions,” Assange said. “Come to the embassy to take my statement or promise not to send me to the United States. This Swedish official refused both. She even refused a written statement This is beyond incompetence.”

If this is true, you do have to wonder. If Sweden is notorious for not extraditing on espionage, how hard would it be to give written assurance that it was only a rape investigation and under no circumstances would he be extradited anywhere?

Comment Re:Richard Feynman said something I can't forget (Score 1) 60

That's actually philosophy, not superstition. Feynman wasn't discussing supernatural causality - he was discussing the ramifications of human action. Couching his discussion in an older philosophical form(ie, religion) doesn't negate its value simply because your fedora gets triggered by words like "heaven" or "Buddhist". Also, reminiscing about that one time 70 years ago when you were doing science is not science, its history.

Here, I'll help you out. "The key" = knowledge (scientific, philosophical, biological, etc). "Gates of heaven" = Place you would like to exist; a place that doesn't suck ass. "Gates of Hell" = Detroit. Or maybe Cleveland. Therefore, what he was saying is akin to "Your knowledge and methodology can either put everyone in a nice spot, or fuck it up for everyone." See? Metaphors are your friend.

I also find it odd that someone with the moniker "420" after their name would get so riled up about religion, as I have never EVER met a stoner incapable of spouting actual superstitious nonsense about his drug of choice ("weed smoke is safer than cigarette smoke!", "Don't ever smoke a joint made from a gideon's bible page!", "Don't ever smoke with a white bic!", "Weed cures cancer!", etc etc).

Comment Dishonest Yelp reviews? (Score 0) 210

Say it isn't SO! I am shocked its taken this long for something like this to come up.

I mean there's this person's account, and this SF Gate article stating that yelp can manipulate reviews for paying customers .

"Freedom of speech". Riiiiiight. Yelp is an extortion racket, plain and simple. Pay your hush money or lose your rating.

Comment Re:Linux Mint politics (Score 1) 155

Wow. You don't even need to know anything about the Israeli/Palestinian situation to recognize blatant jingoistic propaganda.


Lefebvre sees Israelis as the problem.

“It’s a moral stand point. You see a lot of people all over the globe complain about China, Russia, and take individual actions to dissociate themselves from them. I don’t agree with what Israel is doing and although they’re forced to take action and defend themselves I don’t believe they have their back against the wall without any other possible alternative.”

(author of blog's response): Yes, the Israelis could just lay down and die.

Right, because that is the ONLY alternative to Palestinian "aggression"? I mean, just look at what these self-hating jews think. Crazy, right?

Comment Re:Exodus (Score 1) 692

They cannot. They don't understand the differences between right after post-war and now.

For example, I make very good money writing software. At entry level I am considerably higher than the region for software engineers. I went to a private college (thanks GI Bill!), still came out with 40k in student loans, and needed a 4 year technical degree to land that job. Adjusted for inflation, I earn the same as an 8th grade educated automotive line worker did in the 50s and 60s.

I used to get upset about this stuff. Now I just realize its collective bit-rot. History is Booooringgg.... understanding the multi-generational con, the 70+ year effort to undo the tiny fucking concessions FDR was able to yard out of the Rockefellers and their ilk is complicated. Who cares if the salary you have has been stagnant for 25 years? Oh, your 401K got swallowed up by Madoff? Sucks to be you. Guess you should have worked harder. Life would be so much better if we didn't have dat gubmint picking winners and losers - if only the true economists were in charge!

Comment Re:Exodus (Score 1) 692

So, why must it be that we get rid of Richard? This absolutist garbage is tiresome. Instead of whinghing on about "ZOMG teh Clazzz warfarez!!!" maybe pull your head out of your 5th point of contact and educate yourself about the myriad solutions to this actual real problem instead of dismissing it with bullshit talking points. Talking points, ironically, you lifted straight from Richard.

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