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Comment Current Fire / Former Acer Iconia Owner (Score 1) 463

I got rid of my full sized, loaded Iconia because it just didn't fit anywhere in my user profile. Who needs/wants GPS, cameras, weight, and all that? My iPhone does those things perfectly well(using it now). I wanted something exactly like the Kindle Fire.
Most of the complaints I have can be resolved by software updates. The on/off button location is annoying, though. Some apps force a certain orientation, thereby negating the "turn it over" option.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Stallman's Hypocrisy

TheAmigo writes: If Richard Stallman is such a friend of freedom why was he recently in Cuba attending a conference hosted by Ramiro Valdez, Cuba's "spanking new minister of information and technology", as reported by Newsmax. From The Article: "Everyone familiar with Cuban history (this naturally excludes all the MSM Cuba experts) know Ramiro Valdez as the Cuban regime's Lavrenti Beria, with a dash of Heinrich Himmler. This was a position he inherited when his chum Ernesto "Che" Guevara was promoted from Cuba's chief executioner to minister of the economy, where he murdered the Cuban economy as efficiently as he had murdered hundreds of defenseless Cuban men (and boys.)"
My favorite part of the article: "Here's a fanatic for free information flow accepting accolades from a regime that jails the most journalist per capita on planet earth."

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