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Comment Re:Italy? Naples? Good luck (Score 1) 43

Your point being? All the cities I frequent in Europe are well below the 250th spot, far lower again than Naples.

As for informed statistics, on that same site, selecting Europe only, puts Naples in second place. So in fact, the situation is even worse than my anecdotal evidence.

Fact remains Naples would be one of the very last cities one would expect to be selected for this.

But hey, naysayers will continue to say nay!

Comment SpiderMonkey, ChakraCore, JavaScriptCore, Duktape (Score 4, Informative) 146

I know a bunch of you think V8 is cross-platform enough, but really it isn't. It uses way too much memory for many platforms, there's no non-JIT mode (so can't run on iOS), oh and it is a female dog to compile.

Node.js' use cases are not limited to running a Node.js server. Embedding the core inside a bigger application and using it for some types of cross-platform logic, scripting, etc is a real thing. Maximizing compatibility is a must in that case.

Aside from just having options, various engines offer different features you may want to use, and better compatibility with your target platform.

JXCore has done a great job extending Node.js to support mobile, and they support SpiderMonkey and ChakraCore alongside V8. Compatibility wise they're king of the hill already, though they could still add JavaScriptCore and maybe even Duktape for good measure.

Comment Italy? Naples? Good luck (Score 1) 43

Nothing against Italy or Italians, but my sister worked in science in that area and it was absolutely dreadful. Impossible to get things done as many people have that typical 'Southern European work ethic' - appointments and deadlines are more like suggestions. Which is of course an awful generalisation, but it is definitely a real thing.

Naples is also quite literally mainland mob central.

Comment Asus RT-AC5300 / RT-AC88U (Score 1) 85

I considered the X8, but after having used various Netgear stuff in the past with issues, I decided to try another brand for a change: Asus. While my relationship with Asus is also a love/hate one, I had never used their routers before, so I thought it time to give them a chance.

I replaced a 300N Wi-Fi network powered by a Netgear and a 500mbps Powerline network also 'powered' by Netgear with an Asus RT-AC5300 router as main unit, and an RT-AC88U as 'bridge' unit in my home office (Wi-Fi --> 8 port ethernet).

The main difference between the two units is that the AC5300 can power two 5ghz networks and has 4 ethernet ports, while the AC88U only has one 5ghz network and has 8 ethernet ports. Otherwise, they're identical to eachother, and to the X8. 2100mbps per 5ghz AC, and 1000mbps on 2.4ghz N. One of the 5ghz networks on the AC5300 is used exclusively to connect the AC88U in bridge mode, which works rather well.

From the two far corners of my apartment, approximately 50 feet apart, with the main router in a third corner, the network manages over 300mbps actual throughput on AC, and 70mbps actual throughput on N. This up from a previous maximum of about 30mbps.

300mbps is more than enough for my needs. For the first time ever, Wi-Fi has done something other than disappoint me. One for the books!

Comment Minke whale is on the menu in Scandinavia ... (Score 1) 214

So I know little about whales, which whales there are a lot of and which aren't, and I'm not going to state any opinion on if they should be hunted or not.

However, I've been on whale spotting trips where we saw Minke whales which the spotters said were very rare to see (next to the Humpbacks that are apparently endangered but seem to be as common as any other fish). At the same time, I've been to several restaurants in Scandinavia that have Minke whale (specifically) on the menu.

Considering that, how much sense does it make to be angry at Japan here, while these animals are hunted and served in Europe as well, perhaps even in larger numbers?

Comment Great work! (Score 3, Interesting) 134

I've used Turbo Pascal and Delphi for years, later followed by FPC and Lazarus. It was an enjoyable time. While I was no stranger to C++ even in those times, I simply preferred Object Pascal (so sue me). We even used it on Windows Mobile up to 6.x.

Unfortunately, when the time came (years ago now) to focus on Android, FPC's RTL had fairly serious issues, that I personally did not have to expertise to fix, and it wasn't a priority for anybody else who did.

While I have no plans to return to FPC, I'm still a fan, and I love to see it progress.

Comment Re:WinRAR (Score 1) 129

Same here. I get blasted by people regularly for using WinRAR instead of 7-Zip, but I prefer it for the exact same reason you do. It's just more convenient to use. Hell, I even paid for it.

However, to avoid warring about it and for the sake of ease of file exchange, I only create ZIP files. For the same reason, I am thoroughly annoyed by people using the 7-Zip format for archives. The few extra bytes saved is not worth the annoyance, neither for RAR nor 7z files.

Comment Still no actually round screen? (Score 2) 52

From the pictures, it seems the screen still isn't really round, but has a straight section at the bottom just like the old version.

If that ends up to be the release, then it's a no go for me. Looks absolutely terrible.

Then again, I don't wear watches anyway, and if I did, it'd be a classic, not some smart toy. I'm not Hasselhoff, I don't need to talk to my car.

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