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Comment: Re:Hairyfeet recommends a $500 PC that got game (Score 0) 133

by The123king (#47205347) Attached to: <em>Grand Theft Auto V</em> For Modern Platforms Confirmed
No, i meant a $2000 PC.

Either way, a $500 PC will be woefully outdated within the same timeframe as a next-gen console is released and then phased out. However, the biggest advantage is that the entire (Windows-based) back catalogue is (mostly) backwards, and forwards compatible with newer machines. On the other hand, consoles usually live long lives anyway, with new games trickling out for old platforms. Therefore, your ~12 year old PS2 could still be put to use with new titles. The other advantage to consoles, is you know the game will work on it. No worrying if your graphics card is too crap, no worrying if you'll have enough RAM. If it says PS3, or XBox 360, etc on it, it will work on that console, no matter how old or young.

Comment: Re:Big deal (Score 1) 133

by The123king (#47204453) Attached to: <em>Grand Theft Auto V</em> For Modern Platforms Confirmed
IIRC, all the GTA series (inc for definite, SA) came from Rockstar North, with the exception of the *City Stories series, which was made by Rockstar Leeds. As for Chinatown Wars and Advance, i have no idea.

However, Midnight Club came from Angel Studios/R* San Diego, of which, Midnight Club 3 was my favourite.

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