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Comment Interesting (Score 5, Insightful) 410

That company executives rarely know what is going on in their organization.

What do they get paid to do again?

As an executive, you take on the responsibility and risk for your department/BU/company/team/whatever and the people under you. *That* is why you get the big bucks, not for any other reason.

If somebody you are responsible for screws up, it is YOUR JOB to know about it!

Comment Re:Yes, but is is running well? (Score 1) 160

On my personal computer, I have been running Windows 10 Insider version on the fast ring and I have had very few problems with it. Mostly the issues were related to application compatibility but that was also before Windows 10 was generally released. After release, and official Windows 10 drivers and updates starting coming out these problems dropped off completely.

Submission + - bring your own device nightmare 1

HongoBelando writes: The company I contract for is pushing on to me a new "bring your own device" policy. It would not be bad if the mandatory requirements IMHO are braindamaged and push to a complete Windows environment. Windows 7 or 8 64bit, Pointesec or Bitlocker, Symantec or other similar stuff. IOS and Linux are not permitted, xBSD are not even mentioned. Some lines even mention TPM (yuck).

Until now I could happily use my dual boot Debian and FreeBSD that suites my job perfectly.

My only idea at the moment is to try installing a VirtualBox W7 client and hope one of the permitted disk encrypters works. I really would want to avoid repartitioning just to meet idiotic requirements of some bean counter. All ideas appreciated!

Comment Re:A remarkable number of people are idiots (Score 1) 339

The latent egotism here is really troubling. You are not better than anyone else.

I really don't believe that any person is that much smarter or dumber than anyone else when they are born. I think that factors like opportunity, childhood environment, access to quality education and personal drive / motivation have way more impact on "intelligence" than genetic pre-disposition does.

Comment Are there anti-gambling laws anymore? (Score 1) 173

It seems like this is the first year I have actually seen fantasy sport company propaganda and it is EVERYWHERE I look.

Obviously it is a huge industry with millions to throw at advertising. But how is it not gambling again?

Do we still have anti-gambling legislation? Not that I really care. If you want to throw away your money, by all means, go ahead. I just thought that places like Atlantic City and Las Vegas existed because they were bastions where gambling was legal.

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