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Comment Re:Electrohypersensitivity is real (Score 1) 420

Thank you for posting this.

If there is anything I have learned in life, it is that my own life experience does not equal anyone else's life experience.

That is to say, just because I don't understand someone's motives, emotions or actions, doesn't mean they are invalid or wrong.

Try to be empathetic to others plights instead of calling them crazy.

Comment Re:China was right! (Score 1) 136

Yeah, I often wonder why people put work e-mail on their personal phone....

When I am in the office, I have my e-mail up. When I am at home... it is my time.

I am with you, I am old enough to have seen the rise of the Internet and mobile computing and I am certainly not beholden to it.

It is certainly nice to be able to route a bus trip while standing on a strange street corner or download and listen to podcasts without having to involve other devices or take a phone call wherever you are or send/receive the occasional text message. But that is about the extent to which I use my phone.

Comment Re:It's not what, but how (Score 1) 136

It seems like most people use their phones at social events as a measure of status more than anything...

Ahem, let me just check my phone.... oh, what that? Why yes, this IS the new ePhone 2000 cylinder with feedback buzz touch... See? The whole thing is a screen... I can check faceweb from any angle...

Comment Re:Glued to their damned faces ... (Score 1) 136

I have a coworker who does this constantly.

I am sitting there talking to him and his phone will buzz, beep and blink.. kind of hard to ignore actually. I will continue to talk and he will make sort of agreeable grunting sounds while his eyes flick between me and the screen of his device... then he will ask me what I was saying, not having paid attention to either me nor his device...

Comment Re:So everyone is rude... (Score 3, Interesting) 136

I have relied on public transit every day for years (I don't own a car) and I am continually amazed at the lack of empathy and disregard for other people that some have.

Even still, I wouldn't say that most people are rude.... It just seems that way sometimes because the obnoxious ones are disproportionately so.

What really gets me annoyed with people is not mobile device use (it is oddly reverent to see a train full of people with their heads bowed looking at their phones) it is littering in public places... why do people think it is acceptable to throw cigarette butts on the ground or pee all over public toilets?

Comment Re:Simple experiment-- (Score 1) 154

You are part of the old guard.

SaaS is simply the way things are heading. Running your own servers will become less and less common as internet connections get faster and faster.

You will simply not be able to compete financially with cloud-based services. Who will want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a small server room and be responsible for their own DR solution, licensing and upgrade costs and be subject to unexpected expenses for failures and downtime when they can spend around $30,000 per year and have all of that stuff bundled abstracted away?

If you want to stay working in the IT field, you need to go with the flow and change with the times.

Comment Re:Whoever pays the bills (Score 1) 154

Our organization recently decided to go with Microsoft Dynamics Online. We (IT) didn't really get much of a say in it.

However, what we did was use the initiative as a platform for our own move to expand the cloud deployments from just CRM users to all users.

We are now well on our way to migrating off of on-prem Exchange and a mixed Office 2003 - 2010 environment to an Office 365 solution.

So, in effect, we took an project spearheaded by sales and turned it into a benefit for all users.

Comment Re:All competition (Score 1) 253

Yep, I am now a happy CenturyLink fiber subscriber.

It is DSL from the street to my apartment, but my modem shows 1000Mbps connection speed. only gives me ~600Mpbs down and ~900Mbps up but that beats the crap out of the other cable and VDSL options.

As a matter of fact, the cable provider in my area (Minneapolis, MN) only offers a max of 20Mbps. VDSL offers up to 60Mbps. So, at least around here, DSL is the way to go until CenturyLink starts offering more fiber to the curb.

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