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+ - Wikipedia's page view counts are off by nearly one-third->

Submitted by The ed17
The ed17 (2834807) writes "A prominent Wikipedia researcher has discovered that Wikipedia's widely used article traffic statistics are missing out on approximately one-third of all views. Why? The Wikimedia Foundation's official article traffic data segregates desktop and mobile hits, and the hit counter linked from every Wikipedia page is only using the former.

This carries particularly large implications for the Global South, where far more individuals own web-capable mobile devices than computers."

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Google News Sci Tech: Southwest Groundwater Disappearing at 'Shocking' Rate - Discovery News->

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Southwest Groundwater Disappearing at 'Shocking' Rate
Discovery News
A ring of light-colored rock shows how much the water level has dropped at Nevada's Lake Mead. U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Gallery. GlobalWarmingRightBeforeYourEyes:Photos. View Caption +. The effects of global warming are frequently projected...
Rigorous Climate Science Now Lying?American Thinker (blog)
Ignoring climate change could sink the US
Would Jesus Accept Climate Science?Huffington Post

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+ - Dear museums: uploading your content to Wikimedia Commons just got easier->

Submitted by The ed17
The ed17 (2834807) writes "Galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAMs) are now facing fewer barriers to uploading their content to Wikimedia Commons—the website that stores most of Wikipedia's images and videos. Previously, these institutions had to build customized scripts or be lucky enough to find a Wikimedia volunteer to do the work for them. According to the toolset's coordinator Liam Wyatt, "this is a giant leap forward in giving GLAMs the agency to share with Commons on their own terms.""
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+ - $10 million lawsuit against Wikipedia editors "stragetically" withdrawn-> 1

Submitted by The ed17
The ed17 (2834807) writes "On the same day the Wikimedia Foundation announced it would offer assistance to English Wikipedia editors embroiled in a legal dispute with Yank Barry, the lawsuit has been dismissed without prejudice at the request of Barry's legal team—but this action is being described as "strategic" so that they can refile the lawsuit with a "new, more comprehensive complaint.""
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+ - The popularity of Wikipedia articles: catalysts, trends, and applications-> 2

Submitted by
The ed17
The ed17 writes "A fascinating report on Wikipedia's traffic patterns highlights some of the view peaks in the encyclopedia's history. The winner? Whitney Houston's article received some 425 views per second upon news of her death, and Amy Winehouse came in second. Celebrity deaths dominate the top events, challenged only by American football's Super Bowl halftime show.

Equally as interesting are the catalysts that drive these viewers. In addition to cultural events, the Google Doodle, DDOS attacks, and even Slashdot play significant roles. With traffic following a power-law distribution, should Wikipedia editors be concentrating on these few popular topics (regardless their academic merit) in order to better shape public perception?"

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