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Comment: Re:How to safely shoot down (Score 1) 236

by The Wild Norseman (#48915453) Attached to: White House Drone Incident Exposes Key Security Gap

Good idea.

I've got an idea of who might best be able to help out. Lemme call him...



"Hello and thank you for calling the Fucking Batman. I kick the asses of miscreants everywhere as well as providing consultation services for security and anti-criminal measures. I also am available for bachelorette parties on Fridays and Saturdays with at least 72 hours' prior notice and a minimum of ten ladies. Tipping for excellent service is optional but appreciated. Please leave a message with your name and number and a good time to call you back or activate the Bat-signal anytime from dusk to dawn and I'll get right back with you as soon as my schedule permits."

Comment: Re: That's a nice democracy you have there... (Score 2) 392

We vote, we count votes, and the person who gets the most votes takes office (with rare exceptions like Gore in 2000 when Gore got more votes in Florida). That's democracy.

That's direct democracy, which we do not have except in limited instances. Your example of the presidency is an excellent example of this, actually. Are you aware of this thing called "the electoral college"? When was the last time you voted for members of the electoral college? Okay, so the POTUS election isn't an actual "one man, one vote" type deal in the direct democratic sense. Plus, it's winner-take-all for each state and thus not even a true representation of how the various electoral college members actually voted. So, not directly democratic either even in the limited arena of the electoral college.

Okay, so how about the supreme court justices? Who did you vote for during the last election? Or hugely influential people in the various cabinets such as Secretary of State. Who did you vote for?

Huh. Okay, so while the US has some parts of government directly democratic ("one man, one vote"), there were deliberately set in place those checks and balances (a constitution and republican structure of other parts of government) to thoughtfully and precisely limit direct democracy, as the Founders felt that direct democracy would be too damaging ("tyranny of the majority" for example) and unwieldy to boot.

Comment: Re:Sensitive information? (Score 1) 152

People James may know

                  Wen Wu
                  Chengang Wu
                  Cheng G Gong
                  Fan Wu
                  Chenggang G Wu
                  Wen G Gong
                  Cheng H Wu

Woh. I wonder wu else he knows, though my guess is he's long gong by now so wei can't ask him.

Comment: Re: Abolish software patents (Score 3, Funny) 204

by The Wild Norseman (#45947685) Attached to: Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Newegg Patent Case

All I know is that more than half the time, the screen stops halfway during the slide and it wastes my time and makes the iPhone look and feel shoddy.

"Here at Apple, we care about security. We care so much about security, in fact, that we refuse access to not only thieves and hackers but to our Valued Customers too!"

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. -- John Muir