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Comment: Re:Grades vs IQ (Score 2) 391

by The Technomancer (#47653027) Attached to: Is "Scorpion" Really a Genius?
I wish I'd done better in school. Not because I would have actually learned anything else, but reinforcing the habit of finishing work you don't like would have helped me earlier in my career. I love 90% of my job. If I don't do the 10% that sucks and I haven't automated away yet, I find that the company wants to "move in a different direction" and no longer needs my services. I do 100% of my job, and I get to hire people to do the 10% that sucks.

Comment: Re:Fraud (Score 1) 228

I'm salaried-exempt. This means I get paid to do a job, not to work X hours a week. Meanwhile, I will be happy to hire the guy you fired for turning an X hour a week job into an X/2 or X/4 hour a week job, because those people, when properly motivated, will save me enough in payroll to be worth what it costs to achieve said motivation.

Comment: Might be nifty... (Score 1) 28

by The Technomancer (#47578659) Attached to: New Display Technology Corrects For Vision Defects
...but sometimes I really wonder how disconnected from reality people are that think a reader featuring this display is going to replace a ten-buck pair of reading glasses you can get at the drug store, or thinks that by the time this gets cheap enough to put in a dash-mounted GPS display that those will even still be a thing. In-car dash-mounted GPS devices have pretty much already been replaced by cell-phones and built-in displays. Criticisms of the possible uses in the summary aside, seems like this would be good for computer displays (especially laptops) and TVs, and would definitely have military applications.

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by The Technomancer (#47002095) Attached to: RFC 7258: Pervasive Monitoring Is an Attack
I see where you're coming from, but you're acting like we live in a world where Dual_EC_DRBG didn't happen, where the heartbeat weakness in OpenSSL wasn't overlooked for years, and where the level of outrage or disagreement doesn't need rise to a level that outweighs the pain in the ass of changing something to change something. It doesn't require the NSA (or any determined, capable organization) being supergeniuses to subvert technology or processes. It just takes the trust and misplaced confidence of a few people to assume it's far too hard for someone to do.

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When you're linking political blogs to try to refute scientific fact, you're either trolling, stupid, or so partisan that the opposition could say the sky is blue and you'd link proving that the color of sky is "in dispute". EIther way, those all translate to wrong. Stop being wrong.

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