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Comment: I work for a game company and have had no luck... (Score 1) 250

by The Slowest Zombie (#32094276) Attached to: Best Way To Sell a Game Concept?
I work in the video game industry, in the IT department (thus no real game creation skills, but I do support the artists) and came up with what I thought was a stellar game concept. I spent a huge amount of time writing out the gameplay mechanics, describing the art style, outlining things that will make this game valuable in the eyes of executives, estimating production costs, etc. I have a speech/pitch ready and everything. I found the right people to talk to but never made enough of a connection to actually pitch the idea. It was disappointing but in the end I think I understand that people with money to spend on a game concept don't have the time to hear out people who day dream and not take action to achieve their ambition. It's like saying you want to be an astronaut as a kid but never doing what it would take to achieve that - it's not like a lottery where some random guy is picked. In time I hope to have a better chance at pitching my own idea, but I expect that's still years away.

Comment: The Traffic Cone (Score 2, Funny) 256

by The Slowest Zombie (#30860188) Attached to: For GUIs, Just the Right Degree of Realism
Toward the end of the article, the author indirectly brings up a very good question: Why the heck is the VLC media player icon an orange traffic cone?? Is it because it's kind of the shape of a CRT? Is it cautioning us about the kind of videos we'd watch that came from the Internet? Maybe it's just constantly under construction (even though it's not in beta)? Perhaps it's something more technical and is a reference to the rods and cones that are the light receptors in our eyes. Or maybe I have it all wrong and it's a piece of candy corn sitting on an orange plate, to show how VLC serves up eye candy.

Comment: Duh? (Score 1, Interesting) 137

by The Slowest Zombie (#29066597) Attached to: Facial Expressions Are "Not Global"
Take a look at Japanese animation (google image search "animne") and compare it to the comics in most American newspapers. Notice any differences? (hint: Anime eyes are huge!) Local artists know what to exploit. To the East it's the eyes. That hasn't caught on so much in America because we look at the whole face and are distracted when features aren't proportionate.

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