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Comment Re:Corporate culture (Score 1) 883

It IS a very long road, and as they approach the end they'll see where other drivers are going and follow them, only attempting to overtake if there's sufficient space on the road to do so.

What they WON'T do is pull off the road and try and drive through a forest full of trees, holes and boulders, no matter how many people stand at the edge of the woods urging them to do so.

You win. That was the best analogy in this discussion.


Submission + - FCC to develop Super V chip to screen content

An anonymous reader writes: The Senate Commerce Committee has stepped in and approved a legislation asking the Federal Communications Commission to "oversee the development of a super V-chip that could screen content on everything from cell phones to the Internet." Since the content viewed by children is no longer restricted to TV or radio, Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., (the sponsor of the Child Safe Viewing Act), feels that the new law is necessary.

Submission + - Windows XP Service Pack 3

epsi writes: "Windows XP SP 3 probably in 2008 — MS had a Roadmap in his recent Partner-Mag — and there was mentioned that a Service Pack 3 for Windows XP will be available in 2008..propably not the end of XP now? ;)"

Leveraging always beats prototyping.