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Comment Re:Does anybody else think this sounds ominous? (Score 1) 212

Guess: Some sort of queue/FIFO with a bug in the read/write pointer logic that causes it to effectively decrease in depth over time.

The bug is not severe enough to drop/corrupt data, which would have made finding the issue easier, but eventually performance suffers.

Comment Re:Luddites (Score 1) 506

Oregon gas is usually cheaper than Washington and California, even with full-service, due to lower gas taxes.

You can fill up yourself on the indian reservations like Warm Springs, though.

I heard that its actually legal to pump your own gas, just illegal for the stations to let you.. So if they're being slow, just get out and grab the pump and they'll run to help you.

Comment Re:The problem with an OLED e-reader is the E. (Score 1) 118

Actually, one reason I haven't bought a kindle is because it does not contain a built-in light. (The other reasons would be cost and DRM)

I like to read in bed before I go to sleep, and having to use a desk lamp or a book light is rather annoying. I currently read some ebooks on my iPhone which works pretty well on its lowest brightness setting.

I would prefer a bigger / better resolution display, though, which is why I have atleast considered some ebook readers. But having to turn a light on just to read? Not really an option for me.

Now, during the day an eInk display would be wonderful! But it needs to work in the dark as well, atleast for me.

Comment Re:not surprising.. (Score 2, Informative) 422

That's not even an advantage anymore, as several apps can cache the maps for usage when away from coverage.

My app, iTopoMaps, is specifically designed for this usage as it provides USGS topographic maps in the backcountry. I've had countless users tell me they've stopped using their Garmins, etc.

Battery life is still an issue compared to commercial units, and the GPS isn't the best, but hopefully that will be remedied soon by some external bluetooth units.


Cellphone Networks Survive Inauguration, Mostly 121

nandemoari writes "Everybody was talking about Barack Obama's inauguration on Tuesday morning, and it showed. According to reports, a number of mobile phone networks faced overload circumstances that day until late afternoon, when the chat sessions finally began to dissipate. Having the most trouble that morning appears to have been T-Mobile, and AT&T also had some difficulty that morning."

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