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Comment: Re:The only pre-order bonus (Score 1) 86

Yes, but none of them modified the game itself in any way, and were not implemented as one-time-use codes. You could easily get most of the items cheaply on eBay or Amazon Marketplace right after the game came out (and still can). Try to reliably get a one-time code (that most people put in right away), and if you do, trust that it's unused (and try to prove that you didn't use it if it's not).

Comment: Re:The only pre-order bonus (Score 2) 86

Actually, the pre-order bonuses should be something outside the game, like the ones Dishonored did. Tarot cards, a game-themed USB lamp, etc.

Give us something tangible, none of this "exclusive content" crap that's either pointless (different in-game clothing, a slightly-better starting weaon that you won't use past 15 minutes into the game, etc.), or is cool but will be available in DLC/GotY/etc. in six months.

Make it T-shirts, skinned USB sticks, or something else that we might still give a crap about by the time the next game comes around.

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by The Rizz (#47248501) Attached to: Ikea Sends IkeaHackers Blog a C&D Order

Blame trademark law. They have to go after everybody or lose the mark.

Incorrect. They have to stop people from using the mark in a generic way, such as using it to refer to all similar styles of products. You cannot lose a trademark because someone unassociated with you refers to your products by that name; that is specifically what trademarks are for - identifying the origination of a product.

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by The Rizz (#47196851) Attached to: Did Russia Trick Snowden Into Going To Moscow?

The US government is doing everything it can to make him a martyr.

Actually, they're doing everything they can try to NOT make him a martyr. If he's a martyr, it's makes the PR issue even worse, and can lead to others taking up his cause. They want to discredit him, turn public opinion against him, and then destroy him. (See: Julien Asagne)

They're the good guys, he's the bad guy, mission accomplished.

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Decentralization isn't the solution to this. If you think the system is a clusterfuck now, just think about how much worse it would be if instead of one law there were 50+ (states + DC + territories) - or, thousands (county/city level). It would keep small businesses from easily doing work outside of one area, while allowing mega-corps the ability to even more easily venue-shop for their headquarters.

You want a solution that gives more authority to regional/etc. agencies? Simple: Allow each agency, at each level, to throw up a challenge to this type of shenanigans. Verizon pulled some bullshit costing NYC $4.4billion? Then NYC can turn around and enforce the Type II requirements, and send a ripple up the chain to have the feds declare it so nationally. However, you have to be able to stop some in-Verizon's-pocket federal agency from telling NYC, "no."

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by The Rizz (#46594595) Attached to: Minnesota Teen Wins Settlement After School Takes Facebook Password

Most school boards have a mandate to prevent bullying, and the facebook comments probably fall under this category since it was made by a student of the school about an employee of the school.

1) It's almost impossible for a student to "bully" a school staff member. You've got the balance of power reversed here.
2) Even if you consider it "bullying", you just give the student detention or something.
3) The school called in the cops and severely intimidated her - i.e. bullying. (So all those administrators and the cop should have to give their FB passwords to the girl now, according to your logic.)
4) The school flipped shit over what amounted to a public declaration of "I don't like that person". No threats. No conspiracy. Clearly free speech. Massive overreaction.
5) In order to investigate a public statement, they found it necessary to read her private correspondence!?

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by The Rizz (#46477561) Attached to: Amazon Hikes Prime Membership Fee

The Netflix streaming player is much more mature than the Amazon streaming player (Amazon's is basically a half-step up from YouTube).
Netflix will save my spot and I can get miniscreen previews as I'm selecting where I want to be in a film.

I get those same features from Amazon on my PS3. My friend's TV plays Netflix, but cannot choose subtitles/languages. What device you're using makes a big difference, as different ones have different feature support.

Anything free is worth what you pay for it.