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Comment Re:Yes (Score 2, Informative) 363

Christopher Langan, the self-proclaimed "smartest man alive", is, I say, arrogant, childish, and with good reason so far as I am aware more or less only "self-proclaimed" (I qualfiy this incase his goons get wind of it and claim slander).

He talks big, mostly in a maze of his own terminology, and seems to refer to his position as tautologous, as if that is supposed to be an asset.

His position being, so far as I can tell, that his great big mind reveals the truth of some sort of spiritualist pantheism; some sort of self-aware universe.

Something about a "theory of everything", of course explaining even logic, which, I presume, logic can not even apply to!

But that's just my take on it; any inaccuracies in my representation or irrationality in my opinions should be taken as genuine misunderstanding and frustration stemming from my inaequate and puny mind, so don't accuse me of just spreading lies; I really did make a good effort trying to figure out what the hype was about.

But don't take my word for it. You're welcome to come to your own conclusions about the man. CTMU should get you started.

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