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Comment: Re:Just y'know... reconnect them spinal nerves (Score 1) 210

by The Real Dr John (#49146027) Attached to: Surgeon: First Human Head Transplant May Be Just Two Years Away

Agreed, the spinal nerves get where they are during fetal development, and slicing through them pretty thoroughly kills off the distal parts of the axons (Wallerian degeneration). If this could be done now, then there wouldn't be any paraplegic or quadriplegic people. And then what are they going to do about tissue rejection, when the tissue being rejected is the entire head?

Comment: Very silly excuse for going to the moon (Score 4, Insightful) 88

by The Real Dr John (#49086765) Attached to: Could Fossils of Ancient Life From Earth Reside On the Moon?

This is a very silly idea. There are countless fossils still to be uncovered on Earth, including microfossils from billions of years ago in rock that has not been altered by too much heat and pressure. On the moon there are probably very, very few, if any fossils. Why would anyone waste time and money going to the moon to look for fossils rather than just spending more time carefully looking and digging on Earth? This is the silliest excuse for sending something or someone to the moon I can think of. If you want to explore the moon, go to the moon. If you want to look for fossils, dig right here on planet Earth where you actually have a good chance of finding something very interesting, and very old.

Comment: Re:Can't eat what you don't grow (Score 3, Insightful) 690

by The Real Dr John (#49012795) Attached to: Free-As-In-Beer Electricity In Greece?

How many failed capitalist experiments are we going to be subjected to before corporations are no longer people, and the fruits of labor are distributed much more equitably here in the US? What is so much better about CEOs making 500 times as much as their office workers, than having some kind of rational basis for compensating workers, when it is the workers who are doing all the work? I am very tired of the failed, trickle-down capitalist experiments in the US and Europe, and will be very interested to see how much better Greece does when they don't tow the austerity line (austerity for the workers, or course, not the wealthy).

Comment: Re:Stupid title, stupid article. (Score 2, Insightful) 44

Legal vs. Illegal is not really the point. This is more like something I would expect from the Stasi in a police state rather than something that is going on in a supposed Democracy with supposed constitutional protections. Yes Slashdot, there is something to see here, don't move along.

+ - Star Trek Continues Kickstarter 2.0->

Submitted by The Real Dr John
The Real Dr John (716876) writes "Vic Mignogna and crew have launched their second Kickstarter campaign to produce 2 or more additional episodes of Star Trek Continues, a fan-based web series finishing up the 5 year mission of the original Star Trek television series. The first Kickstarter campaign raised enough money for 4 episodes, 3 of which have already been aired. Depending on how much funding they get this time, they plan to produce up to 4 additional episodes."
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Comment: Re:Tissue samples. not live brain (Score 1) 75

exactly, it is only being used to swell up a block of tissue that is going to be used for confocal microscopy. So they are just using the properties of sodium polyacrylate to swell the tissue block and hopefully retain the micro-architecture in order to see smaller details.

Comment: Re:Useless TITLE. (Score 3, Insightful) 49

by The Real Dr John (#48735431) Attached to: "Disco Clam" Lights Up To Scare Predators Away
Title at Science Magazine where the video is posted: "'Disco clam' lights up to scare predators away". From the article "The clams, which live off Indonesia, flash twice as much when they spot predators". Somehow, the title does not seem inconsistent with the findings. Maybe folks should read the content before commenting on it.

Comment: Re:Antipodal eruptions (Score 1) 78

by The Real Dr John (#48656635) Attached to: Massive Volcanic Eruptions Accompanied Dinosaur Extinction
I've never been convinced by the Chicxulub-killed-the-dinosaurs theory, and have always preferred the more gradual theory that seems better in line with the evidence as you remind us. Many dinosaur lineages had been dying out in various locations for millions of years, and the climate was changing. There was a relatively short-lived finale, but that seems more in sync with the Deccan traps in terms of the timing, and began well before Chicxulub.

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