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Submitted by The Real Dr John
The Real Dr John (716876) writes "Vic Mignogna and crew have launched their second Kickstarter campaign to produce 2 or more additional episodes of Star Trek Continues, a fan-based web series finishing up the 5 year mission of the original Star Trek television series. The first Kickstarter campaign raised enough money for 4 episodes, 3 of which have already been aired. Depending on how much funding they get this time, they plan to produce up to 4 additional episodes."
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Comment: Re:Tissue samples. not live brain (Score 1) 75

exactly, it is only being used to swell up a block of tissue that is going to be used for confocal microscopy. So they are just using the properties of sodium polyacrylate to swell the tissue block and hopefully retain the micro-architecture in order to see smaller details.

Comment: Re:Useless TITLE. (Score 3, Insightful) 49

by The Real Dr John (#48735431) Attached to: "Disco Clam" Lights Up To Scare Predators Away
Title at Science Magazine where the video is posted: "'Disco clam' lights up to scare predators away". From the article "The clams, which live off Indonesia, flash twice as much when they spot predators". Somehow, the title does not seem inconsistent with the findings. Maybe folks should read the content before commenting on it.

Comment: Re:Antipodal eruptions (Score 1) 78

by The Real Dr John (#48656635) Attached to: Massive Volcanic Eruptions Accompanied Dinosaur Extinction
I've never been convinced by the Chicxulub-killed-the-dinosaurs theory, and have always preferred the more gradual theory that seems better in line with the evidence as you remind us. Many dinosaur lineages had been dying out in various locations for millions of years, and the climate was changing. There was a relatively short-lived finale, but that seems more in sync with the Deccan traps in terms of the timing, and began well before Chicxulub.

Comment: Re:Antipodal eruptions (Score 1) 78

by The Real Dr John (#48641421) Attached to: Massive Volcanic Eruptions Accompanied Dinosaur Extinction
The Deccan traps have long been suspect, and the antipodal theory has been around for some time too. From the article: "The researchers suggest that the Deccan Traps eruptions and the meteorite impact near present-day Chicxulub, Mexico, need to be considered together when studying and modeling the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event."

Comment: Re:And the scientific evidence for this conclusion (Score 2) 391

That is not a rebuttal to what I said. How about offering something more pertinent? Are you suggesting there are no significant differences between living organisms and robots? Can you explain what makes a living organism different from a robot? I can describe huge numbers of differences, but I can't say why one is alive and the other isn't. But the differences have been apparent to humans since before we started writing stuff down. If we found the universe populated with machines, that would be the dominant technology in the universe, not the dominant life form.

Comment: And the scientific evidence for this conclusion is (Score 3, Insightful) 391

Let me guess, science fiction movies? Boy are they going to be shocked when they find out that the dominant form of life in the Universe turns out to be microorganisms. Did anyone mention to these folks that robots are not life forms?

Comment: Not really news (Score 3, Informative) 56

by The Real Dr John (#48633313) Attached to: Scientists Discover That Exercise Changes Your DNA
Almost everything you do has an effect on DNA histone methylation, acetylation and other histone modifications. In order for the transcriptional complexes required for gene activation and transcription to gain access to DNA segments for copying (making messenger RNA) the histone complexes that protect DNA from damage must be opened up. So exercise, hormones, fasting, and even drinking alcohol will result in epigenetic DNA histone modifications associated with gene transcription. This has been known for many years now. It is not even slightly surprising that exercise would result in gene transcription, which requires histone modification. This is not "changing your DNA", it is modifying the proteins that protect DNA from damage (histones).

Comment: Enforcing pot laws is big business (Score 5, Insightful) 484

by The Real Dr John (#48632379) Attached to: Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot
in many states, and they don't want to lose that revenue. It is not about right or wrong, legal or illegal, it is really about money. But as the various other states see revenue flow into states like Colorado in the form of pot taxes, they may change their minds, just like all states changed their minds about gambling and lotteries.

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