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Comment Re:This is amazing news (Score 1) 33

The mouse and human genomes are fully covered now, however, there are lots of pseudogenes, and lots of polymorphisms. Plus, there is lots of splicing that occurs to make different isoforms of many different proteins. So there are many layers of complexity, but the answer is yes, we can knock out any specific gene quite accurately now. But you often can't knock out genes for body patterning, like hind legs, because they are too important for early fetal development. So knocking many genes out turns out to be "embryonic lethal". So the answer to that question is no, we can't knock out a gene to make mice without back legs.

Comment Re:My Two Cents (Score 1) 300

Programming should of course be offered in schools, but it is not something that should be required simply because it is a specialty, not a general science or field of study like math. I agree that what should be required is computer literacy. A small amount of time could be spent on computer programming to get kids interested, but the main emphasis should be on safe and efficient computer use, especially safe Internet browsing techniques. Everyone uses computers, so it really is essential to keep the Internet working properly and as safely as possible for everyone. I vote for mandatory computer literacy courses somewhere in K-12.

Comment Re:What? "We're sorry we got caught"? (Score 5, Insightful) 301

Obamacare was based on Romneycare from MA, which was created by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. So you are saying Obama is a secret Republican? If so, then I agree completely. He wages war like a Republican, he deports immigrants like a Republican, he drills for oil and gas like a Republican, even in the arctic, and he goes after whistleblowers and journalists just like a Republican. So I think you've got something there.

Comment Re:What if he tried to board an airplane? (Score 1) 662

No broad brush condemnation of whole groups, eh? No extreme paranoia about "the other", hmm? Islamophic detector indeed. You should be embarrassed, but I am sure you are not in the slightest and will defend your paranoia and smearing of a huge swath of humanity to the hilt.

Comment Re:What if he tried to board an airplane? (Score 1) 662

And that is a good thing? So a Timothy McVeigh could walk on the plane with an electronic thingy, and that would be OK, but not a kid with a light brown complexion? Like I said, it is a perfect Islamophobia detector. So now in the US you are lucky if you have light brown skin, and you are caught with any type of electronic device if you aren't shot dead?

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