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Comment It's Not Complicated (Score 1) 55 55

If the data or encryption key is out of your possession, you must assume it is public. If you want to secure your data, it must be encrypted before it leaves your computer. And if you want to trust your computer, you can't use a proprietary OS.

Most people don't need that level of security... some convenience is worth the likely loss of privacy (to a point). I'm not going to worry about getting my cousin to use PGP in order to email about our family reunion. But if you are concerned about privacy, you have either already eliminated cloud services from your daily workflow or you are an idiot.

Comment Transparency (Score 3, Insightful) 220 220

I am amused by the fact that a private company does better than our government at disaster transparency. That said, it is pretty stupid that Space X has not been testing random parts to confirm they meet the requested specifications. Spec verification is a basic part of outsourcing. All outsourcing fails if you can't verify that you're getting what they promised you.

Comment Waste of Time vs Waste of Money (Score 4, Insightful) 154 154

Chump Change. 45 million is 0.01% of our military budget, and it is a waste of time to worry about it. This is a distraction from budgetary issues that do matter, such as the hundreds of billions of dollars wasted on the F35.

I have no problem with the military going around red tape to get communication satellites up faster. If we go by the general idea that a life is worth $9 million dollars, then these satellites going up faster only need to save 5 lives and they have done their job.

Spend your attention wisely; don't quibble about the theft of a penny by a child while your bank account is being emptied by your brother.

Comment Re:Something wrong there (Score 1) 549 549

Body language like 'there is a red light and stopped cars are gathering in front of it'? That kind of body language? This isn't a turning situation. There is no body language when coming to a stop, you just hit the brakes and slow down. Almost all of the crashes have been this exact thing... rear ended by inattentive drivers.

While it is theoretically possible that a very aware driver paying attention to the boy language of everyone around them might potentially miss a tell from an autonomous vehicle it doesn't matter because the radar and safety features means no blind spot... no missing a motorcycle. It just won't turn into your lane and drive you out or cut you off because the automatic driver is polite and safety conscious. The situations where body language saves you is when the other driver fucks up. If you are attentive enough to be watching the body language of the driver, then you are attentive enough that you won't hit the vehicle when it makes a safe, signaled, legal lane change into an empty slot; performs a safe, signaled, legal turn; or a safe, cautious, and considerate turn at a four way stop.

Comment Re:Disable Java == Broken Websites (Score 1) 122 122

I'm sure millions of college students, when sent to an educational site that uses Java, will heed your advice. Java is still widely used in academia as well as the corporate world. It may be frustrating, but a lot of people are required to have Java running to get the shit that they are required to do done. Does it suck? Yes. Can you just disable and ignore vulnerabilities like this? No.

Comment Probably Good (Score 4, Informative) 55 55

I know that some people are looking at that 'help companies get their mail into inboxes rather than filtered' comment with trepidation. But I don't think it's nefarious like that. I work at a small university, and it's pretty common (and frustrating for students) to have important emails like 'Here is how you log in for the first time' get filtered out as spam because the same email is sent to thousands of students... it looks like spam. These tools just let us register our domain and add tags to our emails marking it as official email from the school.

That still allows the user algorithms to reduce the significance of the email, tossing it in the 'Advertisement' category, or 'Low Priority', or other variations of 'not spam, but maybe you'd like to hide it anyway' category. But it should reduce how ofter the email is thrown away completely, and they can't even search for it because it was tossed out with the garbage.

I took a look at the postmaster tools, and as soon as the DNS update goes through (which proves to Google that I'm allowed to manage our postmaster tools) I'll have a better idea what options it gives us.

Comment 5 9's (Score 4, Insightful) 86 86

I'm gonna side with OCP on this one. It is far more economical to deal with reliability via redundancy than it is via expensive parts. This is why we use RAID rather than speccing our drives to last 10 years minimum. All the big players in the datacenter market have put thousands of hours each into designing systems tolerant of missing parts.

The downside is that writing custom stacks tolerant of missing pieces is fucking hard and a huge up-front investment for a company. Most off-the-shelf software does not have that level of redundancy and fault tolerance baked in already. This means that for many small to medium sized deployments it's cheaper to buy a really expensive fault tolerant rack of servers and run your off-the-shelf software on it than it is to buy into OCP with inexpensive hardware that's more open to failure, because your software is NOT open to failure.

Different strokes for different folks and all. Use the right tool for the job. And OCP was made by companies with massive data farms to fit their needs... and their needs are probably not your needs.

Comment Re: In other words (Score 1) 305 305

  1. It's not their land.
  2. They are not sovereign.
  3. And I never understood the deal with fighting for culture.
    That's like fighting to ensure your kids believe the same thing you do. With violence. The same argument is made when Christian folks bemoan the lack of church attendance. You don't have a right to force your meme's down everyone's throat, but that's what 'defending culture' means. It means you want the guarantee that your children will believe the same thing you do by removing dissenting beliefs. It's bullshit.
  4. I'd like to clarify that I don't think Hawaiian culture is bullshit. But the method of promoting your culture by forcibly removing other viewpoints is a shitty tactic. If your culture is worthwhile people won't need to be coerced into practicing it.

Comment Child's Play (Score 3, Informative) 268 268

It's not on your list of causes, so perhaps you won't care, but the crew running Child's Play have been up front on where the money goes: it is spent on nothing but toys. None of the staff, such as it is, get paid out of your donations; they all work for Penny Arcade, who run Child's Play on the side.

Comment Re:Not so fast, ... (Score 2) 203 203

You are making assumptions about laws and construction. The simple solution is to have part of the 'bulb' be the crosswalk. Have the lines for the crosswalk start ON the bulb (say, on the wheelchair pedestrian ramp) and then you have a safe place to stand where cars must legally stop for you.

Now I'm not in San Diego, so I have no idea if this is part of their plan or what their laws are. I'm just saying that even with your example law there are simple, safe solutions.

Comment Re:And so, what is wrong with this? (Score 4, Insightful) 83 83

I think it's more that a group which claims to be focused on external threats, and uses tactics that few would be comfortable using on citizens of their country, is focusing mostly on standard internal issues which are normally the purview of the regular police.

To put it another way, when I use my handgun to deal with an armed intruder to my home nobody would think ill of me. If I use that handgun to deal with my disobedient teenager then it's an entirely different issue. Even if the teenager is (for example) stealing from me just like the burgler was trying to, it's not an acceptable response. We have acceptable means to deal with our children, and a handgun is not on the menu.

Similarly, using DDOS, propaganda, and blackmail on your own citizens is not the appropriate response even if we may condone it against foreign nations in limited circumstances, just as we condone (at least in the United States) the use of handguns in limited circumstances.

Comment Re:$2b / 9m users (Score 1) 80 80

While I agree it's probably an overvaluation, I should point out that valuations also take into account the likely future growth of a service. Github is the dominant repository site, and still growing. Other repositories are being out-competed and shrinking or shutting down. If you put a valuation of $100 per user (more reasonable) with an expectation that they will double in size in the next few years then the valuation is understandable.

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